Rules update and Paypal's ToS!! IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ

Old announcement of past promotion rounds and updates to Wolfhome.
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Sat Sep 19, 2015 11:06 am

Hello members of the Wolfhome community!
Today's announcement is an important one to many people - so I'll try to cover this with as much detail is needed (without swamping you with an overload of information, of course).
Paypal fees.

What are Paypal fees?
Paypal fees are a cost that Paypal tacks onto a transaction as a sort of 'toll' for using their money transfer services. This fee is typically a percentage (%) of the payment sent, and the fee is charged to either one of the parties involved in the transaction.

Can I ask for the buyer to cover the fee?
Absolutely not. Because of Paypal's TOS for fees, we cannot allow you you to ask the buyer to pay any sort of fee to use Paypal's transaction service. Similar to our rule about DA points, we uphold and maintain the TOS/TOU of outside websites and will not allow the breaking of their TOS/TOU to be done on our website.

Okay, so what should I do to get the 'full' amount?
It is best to list your price as the price to compensate for any fees you might get - while you are not asking for the fees, the fees will be taken out of the cost regardless, so having the sales price cover that additional fee will ensure you get the amount you absolutely need. The price listed should not include that it is to cover the fee, nor should you expect the customer to know how much the fee will be. That is your job, as the seller, to price your work accordingly to what you need to receive for your service.

I've done it in the past - what does that mean for me now?
Going forward, we are going to start cracking down on those who get around Paypal's TOS using this website - you will need to edit all active sales topics accordingly to be in compliance with this website's rules. If you create a topic and ask for fees after this point in time, your post will be removed and action will be taken against your account accordingly.

How long do I have to edit my topics?
You have one week after this announcement is made public to edit all active sales topics before you become eligible for action taken against your account to ensure that everyone is aware and has seen this rule. This should give you enough time to edit and correct anything that needs to be corrected to be in compliance.

I hope this clears up any confusion for everyone! Thank you all for reading,
The Wolfhome Administrative Team
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