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The Big Ol' Artistic Inspiration Thread

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:46 am
by Mitchiko

Apologies if this thread already exists

I don't know about anyone else, but I personally find that my art is at it's best when I break out of the box and do something different when I feel inspired. My art gets into particularly bad ruts when I am repeatedly over and over drawing canines for poses because it does not enable me to think differently about different techniques and styles.
An example of this is a couple of weeks ago I drew my boyfriend's dog, a canine, and applied my same usual technique of sketching a canine face, same style eyes and mouth that I always do and it came out like this, pretty mediocre right?
I decided to break out of this cycle in a moment of inspiration. My inspiration was seeing a video on Facebook of someone holding a baby octopus. It was really pretty and adorable and has induced me into octopus-frenzy coma where all I think about is cuddling them ANYWAY. This prompted me to begin watching videos about octopus, looking at pictures of them and eventually wanting desperately to draw one.
This was the result. OCTOPUS

Much better right? I can confirm I drew both of these images, they are fully mine, please do not take.

Because I hadn't drawn an octopus before, it wasn't going to be the regular "draw what you usually do from memory and end up with the same boring result".
I spent 15-20 minutes gathering a collage of images I wanted to use to reference anatomy and colour. I then spent an extra long time sketching each part and carefully reverting back to the images constantly to make sure I got the right anatomy. THIS MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE.
After that I was well away painting my octopus in pretty orangey colours.

My Tips:
> Use photos; but DO NOT trace OR COPY A PHOTO LINE FOR LINE. Despite the obvious fact this is copyright infringement, it also prevents you from being able to progress. Tracing does not help you learn as well as drawing freely does (in my opinion). Drawing a photo line for line also isn't okay, just because you didn't trace it doesn't mean you haven't duplicated an image that wasn't yours!
> Do not rush; take plenty of time contemplating what you want, finding resources to refer to and researching how you want it to be composed.
> Draw something different; don't keep sticking to the same thing constantly! Mix it up and try something new.

I hereby declare this thread to be used to post inspiration and deliciously wonderful stimuli for artists to look at and be inspired by!

Some tips on how to use this thread to it's full potential and properly;
> If you use another person's artwork ALWAYS credit them and link back to where it was originally posted. DO NOT post it here if they do not want their artwork reposted. If it doesn't say, or you doubt it in anyway, stay safe and don't post it!
> Do not use this thread to trace or steal others' work!
> Feel free to link to inspiring websites and tutorials! I will have a list put on this post if many accumulate.
> Have fun and enjoy the whirlwind of beautiful inspiration that will follow!
> Write a few words about why they inspired you! Try to post one image at a time and take the time to share what inspires you about it!

I'll kick us off!
This inspires me because of how glossy and rich the colours are! The speckles in the red are delicious to look at ;_;
[spoiler]Image[/spoiler] (c) Graham Veal

Challenge yourself and use what you see in this thread to fuel your drawings!

Re: The Big Ol' Artistic Inspiration Thread

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:22 am
by Mitchiko
Really hope this thread will be used eventually :)

Image found at Jester Jacques art

This image inspires me because not only is it interesting and surreal, but the gloss on the lips makes me want to do some painting that requires building up layers of colour!

Re: The Big Ol' Artistic Inspiration Thread

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:29 am
by Mimichi
I like this topic a lot
also that octopus is absolutely amazing

Re: The Big Ol' Artistic Inspiration Thread

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:40 am
by Mitchiko
Thank you! It was a bit of a brainwave in helping me understand how I can draw better! I really hope others like this topic too! n_n