A few rule edits and clarifications

This section is for updates or announcements made in regards to Wolfhome! Any announcements or updates to Wolfhome and the community will be posted here by an administrator.
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Mon Dec 31, 2018 8:35 pm

Hello everybody,

There have been a few clarifications and edits added to the current Wolfhome Rules in regards to rule numbers 1 and 3 (Inappropriate content and Disturbing the Peace). These are specifically about controlled substances and lying about official administrative action with the intent to cause disruption and disturb the peace. The following has been added to rule number 1:
Controlled substances (including prescription medications and illegal drugs) are allowed to be discussed on Wolfhome as long as it is done in an educational or constructive manner. Discussion of controlled substances without the intent to inform in this way is not allowed.
This was already how we handled things, but we found the old wording of the rule was rather unclear, hence, we have added clarification. We hope this helps with making the rule more clear.

Furthermore, the following has been added to rule 3:
3.) Disturbing the Peace

In most cases disturbing the peace refers to behaving in ways that are upsetting or unsettling to people within the community, causing emotional grief, or trauma. This includes, but is not limited to:
Creating unnecessary drama to intentionally disturb another user. This includes misrepresenting administrative action and falsifying administrative statements.
This is not something that we will take lightly and action will be taken as this is a form of disrupting the peace with the intent to cause trouble. You must never falsify administrative statements or action under any circumstances.

These edits have been made on both the chat and forum platforms.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these rule edits. We hope everybody has a nice new year!

Best wishes,
-The Wolfhome Administration.
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