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Sun Sep 09, 2018 4:06 pm

Hey guys! I just wanted to make a quick tutorial on how to use your streaming device. This is for artists who are struggling to get their stream set up or artists that want to try out streaming for the first time.


1. First things first, you want to download obs! It's an open free source program that lets you video record and broadcast your stream. It's safe and free so don't worry.

2. Make an account on Picarto.tv. Here's the url for the site;

Note that you do not need premium to stream. It just gives you additional options to stream like multi-streaming and other things!

1. Once you made your account, click on 'Go Live' on the top right corner.


If you haven't already installed OBS, it's going to tell you to install it now. Don't worry if you don't have Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio is perfectly fine and works just as well! Click next until you reach step 3 to choose the server.
Have OBS open for the rest of this process. Go ahead and unhide your steam key so it's easier to copy and paste it into OBS. For safety purposes, I'm going to keep mine hidden but it should look like this:


2. Next, open up OBS and go ahead and click settings.
  • 1. Once you have settings open click on 'stream'
    2. Make sure "streaming services" is enabled on 'stream type'
    3. Make sure you enable "all streaming services" by clicking on the check box. Scroll down the list and click 'Picarto' to enable it.
    4. Check your server. You want to place it where you're located. Since I'm in US West, I have my OBS server enabled as 'US West' (Los Angeles, USA).
    5. Paste your stream key in the stream key block


Go ahead and click 'ok' and then 'apply' to make sure it saves your settings in the program.

3. OPTIONAL: Check your output. Your output settings will depend on the type of internet and computer you're using. However, you want to make sure that your video bitrate is '2000' and your audio bitrate is '160'.
This is to have an optimal stream.

4. To close the settings tab, click 'ok' and then 'apply'. This way it saves whatever you changed in the settings and you don't have to do it again. Now, you're going to want to go in the sources box and click the little plus symbol on the bottom.

  • 1. Click on window capture
    2. A window will open up, you don't need to write anything in it just press ok.
    3. Now click on the box and find 'sai' or whatever art program you're using. Go ahead and press 'ok'
This is telling the stream to just showcase your art program so viewers can't see anything else. It also fixes a bug where it disables your stream and nothing shows up on the broadcast.

If you can't find your art program in the box, restart obs and your art program and try again. If it doesn't work again, restart both programs and open it up as an administrator. You can do that by right clicking the program and it'll give you an option to open it as an administrator.

5. OPTIONAL: You can adjust your volume settings by adjusting the volume output in the mixer. It's pretty self explanatory. This is where you can enable your microphone or put on music for the stream.

6. Go ahead and click 'start streaming' and open up your channel on picarto in another tab. Check to see if it's working.

And there you have it folks! You're now able to stream your beautiful artwork and broadcast it for everyone to see! If you have any questions or any other trouble, feel free to post it here and I can try to help you solve the problem or answer your questions. I hope this helped you guys out, thanks for reading. <3
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Sun Sep 09, 2018 5:02 pm

You are the best!
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