Wolfhome Community Meeting - October 24th

Old announcement of past promotion rounds and updates to Wolfhome.
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Tue Oct 06, 2015 5:43 pm

Dear Wolfhome Users,

It is time for yet another community meeting to answer any, and all questions, alongside letting know of updates, future updates, and what's going on Wolfhome Chat and Forums! At this community meeting, it will be hosted by administrators to answer and to discuss any and all questions you have, as well as announcing any recent, or future updates. These will be hosted on October 24th, 2015 and will be held in Wolfhome Community Meeting #1 and Wolfhome Community Meeting #2 rooms at 5:00PM EST (links below for you to find out, and convert your timezone) by different members of the Wolfhome Administration so that everyone across the globe can attempt to make it. Each meeting will be streamed for user's who cannot access the rooms, so that everyone may have the chance to participate. However, this time we are asking YOU, the user, to please send in questions to any Wolfhome Administrator that you'd like for us to discuss and answer so that we are aware of some of your concerns, and can bring them up in the meeting alongside our own annoucements. As well, please feel free to make a list for yourself to use at the meeting, if you have any specific questions you'd like answered. (If it's a report, or something to do personally with your account, please contact us in private, as this would be easier to figure out for you.) This is not the time to send in or discuss reports against member of the site, and is suggested you PM an administrator separately for that. We hope that you can make this meeting, as we are looking forward to it, and hope you are as well.

To find your timezone:
http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/findzone.tzc" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Here is a link for a timezone converter:
http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

We await your PM's and questions and we hope you have a lovely day,
The Wolfhome Administration
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Thu Oct 15, 2015 9:11 am

Bumping as a reminder!
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I know it's been a slow year, nothin' much to show here
I didn't really go for it, so not a lot to show for it

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Thu Oct 15, 2015 9:40 am

I'll attend o;
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Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:17 pm

Another reminder bump!
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I know it's been a slow year, nothin' much to show here
I didn't really go for it, so not a lot to show for it

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Fri Oct 23, 2015 7:41 am

i'll try my best to attend ;o;
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Fri Oct 23, 2015 7:46 am

Definitely attending this, :).
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Sat Oct 24, 2015 10:23 am

Sweetness, I'll definitely attend. I've never been to a meeting, so this will be interesting.
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Sat Oct 24, 2015 2:59 pm

Bump! This is about to start (:
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I have passed through fire and deep water, since we parted.
I have forgotten much that I thought I knew, and learned again much that I had forgotten.

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Sat Oct 24, 2015 3:05 pm

If you are unable to enter one of the rooms, you can still view the meetings here:
https://join.me/WHcommeet1" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
https://join.me/WHcommeet2" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:19 pm

Meeting room two is finished. Thank you everyone who could join us!!
Spoiler! :
Chatwitch Chat Engine © wunderwood, LLC
All Rights Reserved
Welcome to Wolfhome
Notice: Connecting to port 5190
You have entered: Wolfhome Community Meeting #2
[5:12pm] You are user 9 of 15 in the room
[5:12pm] Fik: just entered
[5:12pm] CrystalBullet: just entered
[5:12pm] Victorian: just entered
[5:12pm] Cosmo: just entered
[5:12pm] Impulse: just entered
[5:12pm] Rukha: just entered
[5:12pm] Chicago: just entered
[5:12pm] Gasai: just entered
[5:12pm] xXSLADEXx: just entered
[5:13pm] Rukha: webba
[5:13pm] Victorian: oh good
[5:13pm] CrystalBullet: WB
[5:13pm] Fik: Thank ya
[5:13pm] Iratze: just entered
[5:13pm] CrystalBullet: Hi there :)
[5:13pm] Rukha: Hello
[5:14pm] Cosmo: Greetings.
[5:14pm] Drystan: just entered
[5:14pm] Chicago: brb, gonna let the dogs back in!
[5:14pm] xXSLADEXx: Hey kid
[5:14pm] Drystan: Me the kid?.. You're my kid. _//
[5:14pm] Fik: Alright, so let's get started
[5:14pm] Drystan: Breb, dad needs me.
[5:14pm] Drystan: groan
[5:14pm] xXSLADEXx: mk
[5:14pm] Fik: Remember we want to keep everyone on topic
[5:14pm] Drystan: Brb**
[5:14pm] Iratze: heyhey
[5:15pm] Fik: if you think you're going to be going afk, please leave the room so we can open up spaces for everyone
[5:15pm] Iratze: alright
[5:15pm] Rukha: Yes'm
[5:15pm] Fik: if you have a friend that wants to get in but can't, we do have a stream going on
[5:15pm] Fik: join.me/whcommeet2
[5:15pm] Fik: So, we want to touch on a couple of topics
[5:16pm] Cochise: just entered
[5:16pm] Victorian: welcome :)
[5:16pm] CrystalBullet: HIi
[5:16pm] CrystalBullet: Hii*
[5:16pm] Cochise: Heyhey ;u;
[5:16pm] Rukha: welcome
[5:16pm] Iratze: uhm
[5:16pm] Iratze: hi
[5:16pm] Cochise: hsushs Is Serine-
[5:16pm] Cochise: oh
[5:16pm] Iratze: OH
[5:16pm] Fik: The first thing we want to do is clarify some rules on the forums that some people don't quite understand. and that's okay, it's hwy we're here
[5:16pm] Cochise: //is hurt
[5:16pm] Chirpy: just entered
[5:16pm] Iratze: I didnt know
[5:17pm] KingAndy: just entered
[5:17pm] CrystalBullet: Hiya
[5:17pm] KingAndy: hello c:
[5:17pm] Chirpy: hello all.
[5:17pm] Fik: The first rule we're clarifying is the DA points rule. A lot of people don't know, but it is against deviant art's terms of service to sell/trade/give away deviant art points on other websites
[5:17pm] Fik: this includes selling art for DA points
[5:17pm] Fik: hellooo
[5:17pm] Fik: oop, hold a sec.
[5:18pm] Victorian: if anyone wants to ask specific questions about this, I'd be more than happy to help explain
[5:18pm] Fik: Okay, back sorry
[5:18pm] Iratze: So, selling /chatlands/ poses for points is not allowed?
[5:18pm] Fik: yes.
[5:18pm] Chicago: back
[5:18pm] Fik: On Wolfhome, it is not allowed
[5:18pm] Fik: but if you do it on Deviantart, it is
[5:18pm] Iratze: Didn't know, wow
[5:18pm] deviledspikes: just entered
[5:18pm] Victorian: you can sell chatlands poses on DA for DA points, if you'd like - but if it's on our website, it's not allowed.
[5:19pm] Iratze: oh
[5:19pm] Fik: nods
[5:19pm] Iratze: oh ok
[5:20pm] Fik: Any other questions about that?
[5:20pm] Victorian: We are wanting to respect the TOS of that website, so that's why the rule was put in place.
[5:20pm] Iratze: Not from me, no
[5:20pm] Cochise: Got it ;u;
[5:21pm] Victorian: Well that one was an easy subject :)
[5:21pm] Fik: Yes
[5:21pm] Chirpy: just left
[5:21pm] Fik: On that note, Paypal has recently updated their Terms of Service as well
[5:22pm] Fik: Paypal will no longer allow anyone to ask another person to cover their fees.
[5:22pm] Affirmed: just entered
[5:22pm] CrystalBullet: Hi Affi :)
[5:22pm] Affirmed: Hello everyone :)
[5:22pm] Chicago: <3
[5:22pm] Fik: You may however, ask for the price, adding on the fees. you simply can't ask someone to cover it for you
[5:23pm] Iratze: oh
[5:23pm] Victorian: So, bump your pride to compensate for the fee's
[5:23pm] Victorian: fees**
[5:24pm] deviledspikes: what do you mean "bump your pride?"
[5:24pm] Victorian: so
[5:24pm] Fik: Yes, there's a really good website that helps calculate the fees too
[5:24pm] Chicago: Alright
[5:24pm] Chicago: just left
[5:24pm] Fik: http://thefeecalculator.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[5:24pm] Victorian: say you are wanting to sell something for $5... and the fee is around $1.30. You'd raise your total rpide to be $6.30 to make sure you got the full $5 without asking for the fee directly
[5:25pm] Victorian: total price**
[5:25pm] Nivens: just entered
[5:25pm] Fik: Helloo
[5:25pm] Victorian: helloQ
[5:25pm] Affirmed: Hey niv darling <33
[5:25pm] Nivens: Hello ^.^
[5:25pm] Fik: So, are there any questions about that?
[5:25pm] Nivens: Hi lovely<3 What is the topic being discussed at the moment if I may inquire?
[5:25pm] Fik: Wolfhome abides by other sites Terms of Service, so that's why we have to instate this rule
[5:26pm] Affirmed: I think that's pretty straight forward, I'm glad that was brought up though I know a lot of people were confused about the fee issue.
[5:26pm] CrystalBullet: Yeah it's been an issue still, I guess people aren't that aware of it
[5:26pm] KingAndy: If we're fine with recieving x amount less, do we still need to change our fees?
[5:26pm] Fik: Yes, we were nudging artists that were posting it, but it will be instated as a full rule
[5:26pm] Victorian: If you are happy with the price you get with the fees taken out, keep it there
[5:27pm] KingAndy: okay, thank you
[5:27pm] Victorian: as long as you aren't asking for the fees, you'll be okay! We just cant allow you to ask the sender to cover them.
[5:27pm] Fik: nods
[5:27pm] KingAndy: makes sense C:
[5:28pm] Fik: Now, another thing we'd like to clarify is Passive-Agressive positing on the forums
[5:28pm] Fik: So what is being passive-agressive?
[5:29pm] Drystan raises paw?
[5:29pm] Fik: yes?
[5:29pm] Drystan: Indirect hostility?
[5:29pm] Drystan: IfIRememberCorrectly...
[5:29pm] Fik: ... I wasn't really asking a question lmfao, but yes
[5:29pm] CrystalBullet: Hehe
[5:29pm] Drystan: //shrug.
[5:30pm] Fik: it's being indirectly hostile toward a person, group of people, or organization
[5:30pm] Victorian: you are correct, though
[5:30pm] Fik: yes haha
[5:30pm] Drystan: Slade I got one right! YAY
[5:30pm] Drystan: /
[5:30pm] deviledspikes: InteractivE aproach :)
[5:30pm] Drystan: Cx
[5:31pm] Fik: So we monitor this because it is considered disturbing the peace and can also make a situation worse, starting a flame war between users
[5:31pm] Fik: it's very toxic to our community
[5:31pm] deviledspikes: I have a question
[5:31pm] Fik: SYes?
[5:31pm] Fik: ...Yes
[5:32pm] deviledspikes: What do we do if we see someone being passive-aggresive towards us or someone else?
[5:32pm] xXSLADEXx: report them
[5:32pm] CrystalBullet: ^
[5:32pm] CrystalBullet: Exactly that
[5:32pm] Drystan: Ooo. //claps and gives slade a cookie
[5:32pm] xXSLADEXx: I mean, or ignore them
[5:32pm] deviledspikes: Ok i was unclear if we were to report or if you monitor the forums closely enough to nor report
[5:32pm] xXSLADEXx: make the admins jobs easier
[5:32pm] Victorian: When you report them, it's helpful if you give us a reason why you think it's directed at you, or at someone else. You can follow up with a link, or an explanation
[5:33pm] Drystan BRB gotta make foods
[5:33pm] KingAndy: should we provide screen shots/copied logs for explanation?
[5:33pm] Fik: Also, make sure you're making your reports to us privately. Calling someone out on the forum is call naming and shaming and will get you in trouble too
[5:33pm] Victorian: Anything you think will help show that they are, in fact, being passive aggressive
[5:33pm] Victorian: So yes, logs, screenshots, etc!!
[5:33pm] KingAndy: Alrighty :3
[5:34pm] Fik: Yess
[5:34pm] Victorian: Are there more questions? Aff i see you typing
[5:34pm] Nivens: From us reporting them, it is anonymous, especially with screen shots and stuff? If that makes any sense
[5:34pm] Victorian: What do you mean?
[5:35pm] Fik: It's not annon to us, only to them
[5:35pm] Iratze: mk
[5:35pm] Victorian: We can see who reported it, but other people won't be able to see it
[5:35pm] Fik: we know you are reporting, but the offender will not know
[5:35pm] Nivens: Yes, haha Fik answered it.
[5:35pm] xXSLADEXx: The way it's always been.
[5:35pm] Affirmed: Ah it wasn't a question, just was going to add something to the reporting, and agreeing with slade about the best way to handle that would be to just report + not respond to what they said so it doesn't turn into a more complicated situation etcc
[5:35pm] Affirmed: haha That was all really :)
[5:35pm] xXSLADEXx: Heck yeah
[5:35pm] Affirmed: But you guys covered it.
[5:36pm] xXSLADEXx: I'm 10 for 10 today
[5:36pm] xXSLADEXx: I'm on a roll.
[5:36pm] Victorian: Yes - chances are, if you post publicly and go after that person, you'll end up in just as much trouble, if not more trouble than they would be in.
[5:36pm] Victorian: Which... is no bueno /:
[5:36pm] Fik: So, here's how we're going to deal with it. Since a lot of people don't quite understand that.
[5:36pm] Affirmed: Haha, definitely!
[5:36pm] Nivens: Greatly understandable
[5:37pm] Fik: When someone makes a PA post on one of the big threads "SHARE SOMETHING POINTLESS ABOUT YOUR LIFE" "what are your feelings and emotions right now' and 'Confessions/little secrets'
[5:37pm] Fik: the post will be removed and you will be reminded of the rule.
[5:37pm] Victorian: That includes if you quote the person
[5:38pm] Fik: If you continue to do this, after you have received three warnings, full action will be taken against your account
[5:38pm] xXSLADEXx: If you quote anyone whilst being passive-agressive, you're asking to be reported. Like they don't know what they said.
[5:38pm] Fik: Hmm?
[5:38pm] xXSLADEXx: I
[5:39pm] Fik: We're more referring to quoting an already passive-aggressive post
[5:39pm] xXSLADEXx: misunderstood that statement tbh
[5:39pm] Affirmed: I think they just meant it in a sarcastic way, like how you don't need to quote someone who originally made the post
[5:39pm] Affirmed: But I could be wrong, haha
[5:39pm] Iratze: I have to go afk so I'll leave the room, sorry I couldn't stay the whole meeting
[5:39pm] xXSLADEXx: *throws chatlands account into the fire and begins anew*
[5:39pm] CrystalBullet: It's alright, glad to have you
[5:39pm] Iratze: just left
[5:39pm] Fik: that's okay
[5:39pm] Fik: oh
[5:39pm] Fik: :c
[5:39pm] Victorian: If someone posted a comment that was deemed to be passive aggressive - everyone who quoted it would also have their posts removed for having the content in it.
[5:40pm] Fik: yes
[5:40pm] Udiya: just entered
[5:40pm] Victorian: So if you see someone posting snarky things, and quote it, you could find yourself in trouble later on.
[5:40pm] deviledspikes: yay
[5:40pm] Cochise I'm scared to try to switch to my main account bc someone could take my spot in here
[5:40pm] CrystalBullet: Hiya
[5:40pm] Affirmed: It's just best not to add to the fire, so to speak.
[5:40pm] Affirmed: Hello :)
[5:40pm] Victorian: yep :) don't add to it
[5:40pm] Udiya: Finallly
[5:40pm] Udiya: XD
[5:40pm] Udiya: Had like you, And crystal trying to get me in.
[5:40pm] Victorian: hi!
[5:40pm] Udiya: Hii
[5:40pm] Udiya: XD
[5:41pm] Fik: Any more questions about this?
[5:41pm] Affirmed: I love what's being covered/talked about though, I feel the PA situations are a continuous problem that people need to be reminded of.
[5:41pm] Fik: Oh, to clarify what I said, all those warnings you get? They add up to bans on your forum account
[5:41pm] Affirmed: :)
[5:41pm] Cochise: silently takes risk
[5:41pm] Fik: questions?
[5:41pm] Cochise: of refreshing
[5:42pm] Victorian: the three warnings for passive aggressive behavior are more like reminders - it's us saying 'Hey, if you continue, this will count as disturbing the peace!' - after 3 reminders, you go up your respective ladders.
[5:42pm] Udiya: Cough, I wouldn't risk it.
[5:42pm] Cochise: I don't have a question concerning that
[5:42pm] Fik: nods
[5:42pm] xXSLADEXx: oh dont do it
[5:42pm] Cochise: "oh my god"
[5:42pm] Cochise: <
[5:42pm] Victorian: be right back!
[5:42pm] Victorian: just left
[5:42pm] Udiya: xD
[5:42pm] Cochise: xD
[5:42pm] Fik: go ahead and refesh if needed
[5:42pm] Udiya: Not that it matters overly.
[5:42pm] Fik: we're allowing 16/15
[5:42pm] Cochise: just left
[5:43pm] Udiya: Ooh.
[5:43pm] Ocarina: just entered
[5:43pm] Affirmed: Haha, they can return since administrators can be an extr-
[5:43pm] Affirmed: Yeah LOL
[5:43pm] Fik: hello
[5:43pm] CrystalBullet: Hello
[5:43pm] Tango: just entered
[5:43pm] Udiya: xD
[5:43pm] Tango: just left
[5:43pm] Ocarina: Hellop.
[5:43pm] Ocarina: -p
[5:43pm] Cosmo: Well, that's depressing.
[5:43pm] Tango: just entered
[5:43pm] Tango: Connection, why.
[5:43pm] Fik: sorry, didn't notice :c
[5:43pm] Udiya: X3
[5:43pm] Rukha: Welcome
[5:43pm] Victorian: just entered
[5:43pm] Fik: Do we have any more questions about passive-aggressive posting?
[5:43pm] Rukha: wb
[5:43pm] Udiya: Webbaa
[5:43pm] deviledspikes: might need 18/15 lol
[5:43pm] CrystalBullet: Ocarina were you Cochise?
[5:43pm] Cosmo: wb
[5:44pm] CrystalBullet: Jw
[5:44pm] Affirmed: Wb love <3
[5:44pm] Udiya: Actually I might.
[5:44pm] Ocarina: So, is the meeting still going or did I miss it?
[5:44pm] Victorian: rad!
[5:44pm] Udiya: Have a question.
[5:44pm] CrystalBullet: Nvm
[5:44pm] Fik: Sure thing
[5:44pm] CrystalBullet: Wb Vee :)
[5:44pm] Victorian: thank you
[5:44pm] xXSLADEXx: We're talking about passive-agressive posting on the forums.
[5:44pm] Affirmed: It's still going on, @ocarina :)
[5:44pm] xXSLADEXx: @Ocarina
[5:44pm] Udiya: In regarding the Passive-Aggression, Would certain situations ask that you attempt to atleast try to organize/Sort the situation out in a respectable fashion before involving the administration team?
[5:44pm] Ocarina: Okay.
[5:45pm] deviledspikes: That adds fire though right?
[5:45pm] Udiya: It can, If it is just a bicker.
[5:45pm] Udiya: But I mean in a sense of trying to talk it out.
[5:45pm] Fik: If you feel like you can privately sort something out and not post in on the forums, it will not be disturbing the peace. As in, if you don't post it, it won't be against the rules
[5:45pm] Udiya: Alright, Make's Sense thank you.
[5:46pm] Fik: If i'm understanding you correctly
[5:46pm] Udiya: Yep, You are. HAha.
[5:46pm] Udiya: Haha*
[5:46pm] Udiya: Okay caplocks that is totally fine just do whatever you want.
[5:46pm] Fik: if someone posted passive-aggressively at you, and you are trying to sort it out, they will still get in trouble for it
[5:46pm] Udiya: But that'd be in the case it was public as in, during the time your in a public room or on the forums?
[5:47pm] Fik: forums
[5:47pm] Udiya: In the case its privet they'd only get in trouble if they were reported doing it.
[5:47pm] Udiya: I'm assuming anyway.
[5:47pm] Fik: If it were posted publicly on the forum, it will most likely be handled by an admin
[5:47pm] Udiya: Ah okay, Sorry I wasn't fully following. XD
[5:47pm] Fik: the PA rule, applies directly to the forum
[5:48pm] Fik: it's okay
[5:48pm] Impulse: just left
[5:48pm] Ocarina: just left
[5:48pm] Fik: any more questions on this?
[5:48pm] Nepthys: just entered
[5:48pm] CrystalBullet: Hiya
[5:48pm] Fik: Hellooo
[5:48pm] Nepthys: Yesss Cochise is back
[5:48pm] Udiya: Hi hiii
[5:48pm] Nivens: Hello ^.^
[5:48pm] Nepthys: just left
[5:48pm] KingAndy: wb C:
[5:48pm] CrystalBullet: welcome back, in that case. x)
[5:48pm] CrystalBullet: Oh
[5:48pm] Fik: Yes WB
[5:49pm] Affirmed: O, wb :)
[5:49pm] Drystan: Back for the 50000th time
[5:49pm] Fik: Last call for questions about PA
[5:49pm] plunk: just entered
[5:49pm] Drystan: Hiii!
[5:49pm] CrystalBullet: Hi Plunk :)
[5:49pm] Udiya: Hello!
[5:49pm] Fik: Helloo
[5:49pm] Fik: The next thing we'd like to clarify is our rules on Impersonation
[5:50pm] plunk: oh heck yes i made it in
[5:50pm] Victorian: hello!
[5:50pm] xXSLADEXx: hullo I am LAdy Gaga
[5:50pm] plunk: hi all
[5:50pm] Udiya: I felt the same way when I got in
[5:50pm] deviledspikes: What is impersonation?
[5:50pm] Drystan: REALLY!!? I'm your biggest fan!
[5:50pm] Fik: Okay, so, Impersonation is when a person is pretending to be/claiming to be another person
[5:50pm] plunk: i was watching the streams but this is better :D
[5:51pm] Fik: This includes popular artists, musicians, lady gaga
[5:51pm] Udiya: In a sense if someone was pretending to be someone like say Fik
[5:51pm] Fik: ;)
[5:51pm] Udiya: I used you as an example feel special.
[5:51pm] Udiya: xD
[5:51pm] Drystan: xDDD
[5:51pm] Fik: Yes, because it can be harmful to the community
[5:51pm] xXSLADEXx: I remember I once made an account and pretended to be skrillex
[5:51pm] Drystan: It can also be annoying to the community
[5:51pm] Gasai: lmfao
[5:51pm] Udiya: Wow aren't you honest.
[5:51pm] Udiya: xD
[5:51pm] Drystan: Woow Slade.. Only you xD
[5:51pm] Fik: If someone is pretending to be me, they can also tell people that they're an Alpha and that they can help out the clueless user
[5:51pm] Udiya: I have a question but Not sure if I have to wait
[5:51pm] Udiya: Cough
[5:52pm] Fik: If you want, but I have a few more points, so you can ask, or I can keep going
[5:52pm] deviledspikes: I do too
[5:52pm] Fik: up to you
[5:52pm] Fik: Go ahead then c:
[5:52pm] deviledspikes: Is this regaurding impersonating an administrator or is this just a general thing?
[5:53pm] Udiya: So let us say, that A user has a character by the name as Crowley, Sense there is a or was a user named Crowley, would it be treated as if they were being impersonated, even if they state they are not said person?
[5:53pm] xXSLADEXx: general
[5:53pm] Fik: this is impersonation in general
[5:53pm] Fik: not just impersonating an admin
[5:53pm] CrystalBullet: Anyone. Even if you grab a picture off the internet and claim it's you
[5:53pm] xXSLADEXx: oh I have a question as well, when they have asked theirs <
[5:53pm] Fik: No, because they are not claiming to be that other person
[5:53pm] Udiya: Oh okay, Good because I was asking for myself LOL
[5:53pm] Fik: So say, I leave and my account is deleted
[5:53pm] Drystan What if we claim our characters are us? </3 I've been impersonating Dry this entire time Q-Q
[5:54pm] Drystan Sorry, bad at being serious x.x
[5:54pm] xXSLADEXx: Talia
[5:54pm] xXSLADEXx: .
[5:54pm] Udiya Would you hush you goofy silly dry.
[5:54pm] Fik: someone else can make my account, as long as they don't state "I'm Fik and I used to be an Alpha and I am Katie"
[5:54pm] Fik: then it's not impersonation
[5:54pm] Udiya -Smiles big.-
[5:54pm] Drystan cx
[5:54pm] xXSLADEXx: Have
[5:54pm] xXSLADEXx: all other questions been answered?
[5:54pm] Drystan When you coming to visit the guild again, Udiya?
[5:55pm] Fik: So, another point to clarify, there have been many reports of users grabbing popular photos off the internet and claiming to be that person
[5:55pm] Udiya When I'm not lazy.
[5:55pm] xXSLADEXx: stay on topic you
[5:55pm] Fik: this is impersonation
[5:55pm] xXSLADEXx: *smacks*
[5:55pm] CrystalBullet: If they have the same name as an older user and claim "It's me from (date here), I'm back!) then it's impersonation
[5:55pm] Drystan: cries?
[5:55pm] Fik: Nods
[5:55pm] Udiya: If they have valid proof that its them, its fine though right?
[5:55pm] Drystan: I see..
[5:55pm] Fik: Yes, they can provide proof that it is them
[5:55pm] CrystalBullet: Valid proof, then yes
[5:56pm] xXSLADEXx: If someone takes a picture off the internet, puts it in their sniff, and uses it as a character reference, is that allowed?
[5:56pm] CrystalBullet: Whoops sorry Fik :P
[5:56pm] Udiya: Okay, It seems like an obvious question but in my past admin lives.
[5:56pm] Udiya: Its been a question I was personally unsure about.
[5:56pm] Udiya: And have been asked it a lot.
[5:56pm] Fik: Only if there is permission from the person who posted the picture
[5:56pm] Fik: that is art theft
[5:56pm] Fik: You're fine CB
[5:56pm] Fik: c:
[5:56pm] CrystalBullet: :)
[5:56pm] Udiya: Its funny its the most basic of things that can be the hardest to answer/understand.
[5:57pm] Drystan: Indeed..
[5:57pm] Fik: Yes
[5:57pm] xXSLADEXx: the most basic are the hardest for most people to understand
[5:57pm] xXSLADEXx: they're so simple that they think there must be more to them
[5:57pm] CrystalBullet: But if there are any misunderstandings you can ask us to clarify
[5:57pm] Fik: us
[5:57pm] Fik: yes
[5:57pm] Fik: not us
[5:57pm] Fik: So, how do we deal with impersonators?
[5:58pm] plunk: ban em all
[5:58pm] Fik: If you are caught impersonating someone else, youw ill be permanently banned across all chatlands sites
[5:58pm] xXSLADEXx: Honestly, there should be more community meetings like this. It's a lot less intimating than outright asking an admin a question through whisper or call
[5:58pm] plunk: called it
[5:58pm] Victorian: So it's in your best interest to avoid even joking about it.
[5:58pm] Fik: Yeah
[5:58pm] Drystan: Welp, have to warn all Laughing jack and jeff the killer people.
[5:58pm] Fik: We can discuss having some more of them c:
[5:59pm] Gasai: so like, catfishing?
[5:59pm] xXSLADEXx: Like, at the very least once a month or twice a year
[5:59pm] xXSLADEXx: yes, catfishing <
[5:59pm] Gasai: ight
[5:59pm] Fik: Yes, it's a lot like catfishing others
[5:59pm] CrystalBullet: Yes
[5:59pm] Fik: it's very disrupting to the community and confusing for new user
[5:59pm] Fik: s
[5:59pm] Fik: Now there is a fine line
[6:00pm] Fik: if people have images of others in their sniff but are not claiming to be them, it will be handled on a case by case basis
[6:00pm] CrystalBullet: But Drystan, I think impersonating a fictional character is different. Because obviously you're not really them. (Unless I'm wrong, please correct me Vic or Fik if I am)
[6:00pm] xXSLADEXx: What if the fictional character is copyrighted?
[6:00pm] Fik: Again, like almost everything, it is a case by case
[6:00pm] Fik: sometimes people roleplay as fictional characters too
[6:01pm] xXSLADEXx: I can not tell you how many times
[6:01pm] xXSLADEXx: I have been in a room and someone has claimed to invented creepypasta
[6:01pm] Gasai: lmao
[6:01pm] Fik: As long as they don't claim to have made the character, it'll be handled less severely. Again, it can be seen as roleplaying
[6:01pm] plunk: im smiledog.jpg
[6:01pm] Fik: If that is the case, it can be seen as a type of theft
[6:01pm] Fik: not necessarily impersonation
[6:02pm] Fik: impersonation is more geared toward artists, popular musicians, actors, and popular bloggers
[6:02pm] Fik: real people
[6:03pm] plunk: just out of curiosity, have you guys ever seen someone try to impersonate an admin or other user before? it just seems like such a silly thing to do to me i dont get why anyone would even attempt it lol
[6:03pm] xXSLADEXx: I have before tbh
[6:03pm] Gasai: I have
[6:03pm] Fik: yes, we have
[6:03pm] xXSLADEXx: like, six years ago?
[6:03pm] plunk: damnnn how could you guys :P lmfao
[6:03pm] Victorian: Things like that do happen - it's not all the time, but they do. If you see it or suspect it, please report it.
[6:03pm] CrystalBullet: It happens more than you might think
[6:04pm] xXSLADEXx: Maybe seven
[6:04pm] Fik: yes
[6:04pm] Fik: indeeed
[6:04pm] plunk: thats crazy lol
[6:04pm] Drystan: Neva seen it
[6:04pm] Fik: Are there any more questions about it?
[6:04pm] Udiya: In my time personally I've seen it happen about 5 times.
[6:04pm] xXSLADEXx: I
[6:04pm] xXSLADEXx: have been on chatlands for
[6:05pm] xXSLADEXx: a long time so I can't count how many times I've seen it
[6:05pm] plunk: thats crazy o_o im just trying to imagine being like "yes hello i am underdog this is believable"
[6:05pm] Fik: If you guys see it, it's a pretty serious offence, so please please please report it to us so we can review the situation
[6:05pm] xXSLADEXx: i DID THAT >
[6:05pm] plunk: someone being*
[6:05pm] Drystan: I've been on chatlands for a while, let's just say that
[6:05pm] plunk: lmfaooo slade u savage
[6:05pm] xXSLADEXx: I pretended to be Redrum
[6:05pm] Drystan: xDDDD
[6:05pm] Drystan: OMFG
[6:05pm] Fik: Oh geez
[6:05pm] plunk: also i will definitely report it
[6:05pm] Drystan: Redrum is scary!! ;;
[6:05pm] xXSLADEXx: which I think is UD
[6:05pm] Fik: Alright, back on topic, last call for more questions?
[6:05pm] Drystan: Noppe
[6:05pm] Fik: Redrum is not UD
[6:05pm] Fik: haha
[6:05pm] xXSLADEXx: slams back to topic at hand
[6:06pm] Rukha: lol
[6:06pm] Nivens: I'll see you later guys! Tc
[6:06pm] Victorian: later!
[6:06pm] Affirmed: Take care <3
[6:06pm] CrystalBullet: Take care Niv
[6:06pm] Nivens: just left
[6:06pm] Fik: oh
[6:06pm] Fik: I keep missing goodbyes :c
[6:06pm] Affirmed: scoots to vee and katie..
[6:06pm] Drystan: Is Grandma UD? >
[6:06pm] Victorian: If there aren't anymore questions, we could move onto the next subject
[6:06pm] Fik: yes
[6:06pm] Drystan: cx
[6:06pm] plunk: sorry lmfao *tries to restrain self from derailing all the topics*
[6:06pm] Fik: Yes to Vee
[6:06pm] Drystan: MakingsurebeforeIsaythis:
[6:06pm] Fik: I don't know who grandma is
[6:06pm] Drystan: UD is nice, so if someone mean and arrogant says they're UD
[6:06pm] Drystan: Report them
[6:07pm] Drystan: xDDDDDD
[6:07pm] xXSLADEXx: Well
[6:07pm] xXSLADEXx: everyone has
[6:07pm] Fik: Nest topic is
[6:07pm] plunk: i think it would be neat to meet UD
[6:07pm] xXSLADEXx: emotions
[6:07pm] xXSLADEXx: >>
[6:07pm] Fik: as many of you know
[6:07pm] Fik: we've started allowing flat colored poses
[6:07pm] CrystalBullet: I think UD would generally only come online under his UD account, anyways
[6:07pm] Rukha: omg, thank you.
[6:07pm] plunk: yesss i love the flat color poses
[6:07pm] Fik: C:
[6:08pm] Fik: A lot of people are very happy about this
[6:08pm] Fik: BUT
[6:08pm] Fik: we do have to clarify some of the rules about them
[6:08pm] xXSLADEXx: I think this would be a pretty
[6:08pm] xXSLADEXx: straightforward rule
[6:08pm] Drystan: coughs
[6:08pm] Rukha: Oh, wait. Fik i have a question, it's not on the subjects we discussed but i asked and admin on here before and they said talk to an alpha.
[6:09pm] Drystan: I always make the dark color too black..
[6:09pm] Fik: Oh, personal issues can be talked about at the end of the meeting privately
[6:09pm] Rukha: Oh, no it's not personal ^^
[6:09pm] xXSLADEXx: or perhaps you cn whisper one of the other admins in the room?
[6:09pm] Fik: Yes, with flat poses we do not allow any 'lineless' flat color poses
[6:09pm] Fik: If you don't mind holding onto it?
[6:10pm] Fik: or you can whisper me, but you must know that I am hosting the join.me
[6:10pm] xXSLADEXx: If a pose is half shadowed and half unshadowed, do you allow that as long as they have lines?
[6:10pm] Rukha: yes i know. i will whisper.
[6:10pm] plunk: but you allow lineless poses with shading right? at least ive seen a few
[6:10pm] xXSLADEXx: must it be consistent?
[6:10pm] Udiya: I mean
[6:10pm] Udiya: <3
[6:10pm] Drystan: One time my pose wasn't all that dark, you could still see the lines and all that..
[6:10pm] Drystan: But still got the big no.
[6:10pm] Fik: shading should be consistant
[6:10pm] Fik: and yes we allow 'lineless' shaded poses
[6:11pm] xXSLADEXx: I have yet another question
[6:11pm] Udiya: HAH
[6:11pm] Drystan: <<
[6:11pm] xXSLADEXx: If the pose has white lines and a solid black color, is that allowed?
[6:11pm] Drystan: Show off
[6:11pm] Drystan: mutters
[6:11pm] Udiya: Hi ily
[6:11pm] xXSLADEXx: Like, just imagine PLunk's pose inverted.
[6:11pm] xXSLADEXx: Would that be allowed?
[6:11pm] Drystan: I can't color my poses anymore. My com is mean to me
[6:11pm] Victorian: No, the lines must be darker than the pose.
[6:11pm] plunk: yay im an example
[6:11pm] xXSLADEXx: mk
[6:12pm] Tango: just left
[6:12pm] Victorian: There were so many questions flying around - was there one we didn't cover?
[6:12pm] Udiya: I've got to many poses
[6:12pm] Rukha: Alright so, about adding gifts. are alphas able to make and add them? Because i had written down a few that i think everyone would enjoy. i will have to send you a message later, when your less busy.
[6:12pm] Victorian: or an additional one, maybe?
[6:12pm] Drystan: <<
[6:12pm] Udiya: Also question off topic.
[6:12pm] Drystan: Should totally share
[6:12pm] Udiya: I'll show them off later.
[6:12pm] Victorian: What's the question?
[6:12pm] plunk: wait i have a question still related
[6:12pm] Fik: Most of the time, gifts are created and donated by the community.
[6:12pm] Udiya: How long are the Subs free for?
[6:13pm] Victorian: 1 week :)
[6:13pm] Udiya: YAY
[6:13pm] Victorian: for halloween
[6:13pm] Udiya: PARTY
[6:13pm] Affirmed: Sweeet.
[6:13pm] Victorian: what was your question pluck?
[6:13pm] Fik: We don't go through and make them, we wait for people to make them on their own and donate them
[6:13pm] Udiya: I don't care what anyone says
[6:13pm] Udiya: I am going trick or treating
[6:13pm] Udiya: I am not old yet.
[6:13pm] plunk: i saw a pose that had had some solid black and on those parts the lines were white
[6:13pm] Udiya: And Devi and Dry is coming with me.
[6:13pm] plunk: i cant remember if it was lineless or had the rest black lines
[6:13pm] Udiya: They have no choice.
[6:13pm] Drystan: Question when everyone else is done
[6:13pm] Rukha: Alright, Thanks i had already asked an admin on here before, But they told me to speak with an higher rank. [:
[6:13pm] Victorian: So.. a broken outline?
[6:14pm] Fik: Sure, no problem
[6:14pm] Drystan: <
[6:14pm] plunk: yeah
[6:14pm] Drystan: Pff
[6:14pm] plunk: sorry is that in the art FAQ lmfao
[6:14pm] Victorian: You'd need to report something like that to any ART member - we'll discuss it and figure out what happened.
[6:14pm] Victorian: Broken lines aren't allowed.. but sometimes it's the shading that makes it look that way
[6:14pm] plunk: it just confused me because i thought it wasnt allowed
[6:14pm] Victorian: We'll have to do it case by case
[6:14pm] Fik: ART is made up of humans, and we do make some mistakes on occassion
[6:14pm] plunk: oh ok
[6:14pm] Drystan: I has a question
[6:14pm] plunk: i know i just wasnt sure if that was a rule or not any more
[6:15pm] plunk: because dont get me wrong pose looked great
[6:15pm] Victorian: Yep, that's still a rule!
[6:15pm] Victorian: What ws the question?
[6:15pm] Drystan: When the free subs come around, will it still eat away at my deltas?
[6:15pm] xXSLADEXx: the subs
[6:15pm] xXSLADEXx: are already free <
[6:15pm] plunk: this account doesnt have any deltas in it
[6:15pm] Victorian: I don't see why it would!
[6:15pm] plunk: and i was able to come on
[6:15pm] Drystan: WHAAAT.
[6:15pm] Drystan: checks
[6:15pm] CrystalBullet: Heh
[6:15pm] Rukha: Question, Would i be able to use a coffee bean i drew as a pose.
[6:15pm] Fik: No, free week is for everyone
[6:16pm] Fik: and it will not take away any deltas, or shouldn't
[6:16pm] Udiya: I just died laughing
[6:16pm] Rukha: I know it's an odd question to ask X'D
[6:16pm] Cosmo: ohmygod.
[6:16pm] Udiya: A coffee bean
[6:16pm] Fik: As an inanimate object, yes
[6:16pm] Victorian: You can - but it would go into inanimate objects group.
[6:16pm] plunk: lmao
[6:16pm] Rukha: Alright, would it work in the room?
[6:16pm] KingAndy: I have a question on poses regarding sizing
[6:16pm] Fik: Not in public rooms
[6:16pm] Rukha: room(s)*
[6:17pm] Drystan: I had 10.30 2 days ago and now I have 9.95
[6:17pm] Fik: only in private
[6:17pm] Rukha: Ah
[6:17pm] Victorian: If the private room owner allows it, yes. But not in public rooms.
[6:17pm] Rukha: Thank you
[6:17pm] Drystan: Wait.. that math isn't right?..
[6:17pm] Fik: it just started today
[6:17pm] Drystan: Did I makeamistake?
[6:17pm] Victorian: What was the question on sizes?
[6:17pm] Tristeza: just entered
[6:17pm] KingAndy: does the sizing for all feral/anthro poses get matched to the image provided for sizing in the FAQ
[6:17pm] Mimmo: just entered
[6:17pm] xXSLADEXx: just left
[6:17pm] CrystalBullet: Hi :)
[6:17pm] Drystan: Tristtyyyy
[6:17pm] Fik: Hello
[6:17pm] Victorian: Yes, it does :)
[6:17pm] Mimmo: Hi
[6:17pm] Drystan: SOCUTE
[6:17pm] KingAndy: okay, thank you ;v;
[6:17pm] Affirmed: Mimm<33
[6:18pm] Victorian: No problem!
[6:18pm] Mimmo: Heya <3
[6:18pm] Tristeza: It's Slade, by the way. @EVeryone else
[6:18pm] Fik: You should know that there are some differences with different species
[6:18pm] Drystan: cx
[6:18pm] Udiya: Oh Hi
[6:18pm] Fik: but anthros are generally the same
[6:18pm] KingAndy: alrighty C:
[6:19pm] Fik: Any more questions about flat poses?
[6:19pm] plunk: ok this question is kind of random buti thought about it the other day
[6:19pm] plunk: oh
[6:19pm] Fik: or poses in general
[6:19pm] Victorian: go for it
[6:19pm] plunk: mine is about pose sets
[6:19pm] Victorian: ok!
[6:19pm] Udiya: Haha can we have like a day on halloween where we can go to the admins and say tricker treat and they will give us deltaS?
[6:19pm] deviledspikes: lol
[6:20pm] Mimmo: That would be cool <
[6:20pm] deviledspikes: yes wat udi said
[6:20pm] plunk: are there ever like.. applications or anything to make new pose sets? or is that something that you get approached by the admin team for
[6:20pm] Fik: We may be able to discuss that as a fun event, but don't be sad if it doesn't happen
[6:20pm] Udiya: -Would be very sad.-
[6:20pm] plunk: because i always thought it would be fun to make a pose set and wondered how people get chosen to draw pose sets for you?
[6:20pm] Gasai: coot
[6:20pm] Udiya: I think everyone in the room lurched to the idea
[6:20pm] Udiya: LOL
[6:20pm] Udiya: Underdog would have to give each admin like 500 deltas
[6:20pm] Tristeza: I think people donate pose sets
[6:21pm] Udiya: xD
[6:21pm] plunk: yeah, that would be a cool event lmfao
[6:21pm] Victorian: If you're interested in donating a set, just let an admin know! We always appreciate donations - just keep in mind we have requirements for the sets so we may not accept every donation.
[6:21pm] Tristeza: or the owner of the chat commisions them
[6:21pm] plunk: ooh
[6:21pm] CrystalBullet: We love pose donations O;
[6:21pm] CrystalBullet: pose sets*
[6:21pm] plunk: im greedy and want to get something >:3
[6:21pm] Fik: it'll probably be special event accounts if it happens, but please don't get stuck on the idea and say "Fik said yes"
[6:21pm] plunk: nah jk maybe some day i will donate a pose set
[6:21pm] plunk: i wont haha
[6:21pm] Udiya: I've been thinking about donating a pose set, but it'd be a custom made 25 Piece pose set For a Hyena set.
[6:22pm] Udiya: I wasn't sure if you guys wanted a Hyena set though.
[6:22pm] Drystan: Hyennaaaa
[6:22pm] plunk: id use it ;0
[6:22pm] Fik: We can bring that up for discussion
[6:22pm] plunk: i would love to make a domestic dog set w various breeds or maybe just one breed
[6:22pm] Udiya: The commission price for it would be 560$ Roughly though from who I'd be commissioning which means don't get your hopes up until I get a job.
[6:22pm] Udiya: xD
[6:23pm] Tristeza: I think
[6:23pm] Udiya: And I still need to talk to the person I plan to commission, and get specific details so.
[6:23pm] Udiya: Its just an idea.
[6:23pm] Fik: if you commissioned it for Wolfhome, you must know that it will be Wolfhome's set.
[6:23pm] Drystan: Sissystem would go crazy over the hyena pose set
[6:23pm] Fik: and the person you're doing it from must know that
[6:23pm] Fik: it may not be accepted
[6:23pm] Drystan: I love my tablet for making that nickname xDDD
[6:24pm] Fik: Anything else?
[6:24pm] plunk: thanks for answering that, sorry if it was kinda off topic or anything lmfao
[6:24pm] Victorian: you're fine!
[6:24pm] Victorian: Any question is a good one
[6:25pm] Fik: yes indeed
[6:25pm] Gasai: just left
[6:25pm] plunk: ok ;0; thanks again
[6:25pm] Gasai: just entered
[6:25pm] Fik: c:
[6:25pm] Fik: Welcome back
[6:25pm] CrystalBullet: Welcome back :)
[6:25pm] deviledspikes: wow we lost afew people
[6:25pm] plunk: wb
[6:25pm] Gasai: thankies
[6:26pm] Fik: Okay, so we can take a break and answer any questions you guys have about our rules
[6:26pm] Fik: though I think that we've covered a lot
[6:26pm] Tristeza: cun i b laedy gahgay
[6:26pm] Tristeza: gahgah*
[6:26pm] Fik: for halloween
[6:26pm] Fik: ;)
[6:26pm] Tristeza: HECK YEAH
[6:26pm] Tristeza: scare the shit out of some little kids
[6:26pm] Fik: lmfao
[6:26pm] Fik: I'm so glad you guys are so into this, it makes me feel good :D
[6:26pm] Fik: haha
[6:27pm] Fik: sorry, I was a bit nervous
[6:27pm] Tristeza: I still think this should be a regular thing
[6:27pm] CrystalBullet: Samee
[6:27pm] CrystalBullet: >
[6:27pm] Fik: We do have some more topics, but if you guys have questions about the rules, have at
[6:27pm] plunk: you guys are doing great n_n
[6:27pm] CrystalBullet: <3
[6:27pm] KingAndy: I tihnk it'd be helpful if it was a bimonthly thing
[6:27pm] KingAndy: think*
[6:27pm] Tristeza: ^^
[6:27pm] Fik: It's hard for a lot of us to clear our schedules sometimes
[6:27pm] Fik: so we do have to plan them months in advance
[6:27pm] Udiya: brb
[6:28pm] Mimmo: Maybe once a year
[6:28pm] KingAndy: that's true :)
[6:28pm] Fik: We, like you guys, do have other things. Like I have two(ish) jobs
[6:28pm] Tristeza: speak for youself >
[6:28pm] Tristeza: Chatlands is my life.
[6:28pm] Fik: We can discuss doing some more
[6:28pm] Tristeza: Social Status: chatlands
[6:28pm] plunk: relationship status: wolfhome
[6:29pm] KingAndy: Significant Other: Chatlands
[6:29pm] plunk: beat ya to it :D
[6:29pm] Fik: heehee
[6:29pm] Fik: So let's move on to some of the exciting things that have happened on Wolfhome
[6:29pm] Rukha: Would it be considering copying if you know how to draw them to? (random question)
[6:29pm] deviledspikes: i think meetings like this are important tbh. and i also think they should occur much more often. also if they did, they wouldnt be so long and could possibly be fit into your schedules much better. just an idea/comment.
[6:29pm] Fik: That is a good point
[6:29pm] Mimmo: Will we be covering deltas?
[6:29pm] Fik: draw what?
[6:29pm] CrystalBullet: Yeah, we could discuss it
[6:30pm] Mimmo: Alrighty
[6:30pm] Rukha: I don't know, how about chibis/Feral/Anthro etc...
[6:30pm] CrystalBullet: Oh I meant the meeting being more recent, but what about deltas?
[6:30pm] Fik: It's not copying unless it's traced or heavily referenced from another persons artwork
[6:30pm] Mimmo: I was wondering if underdog can get a better way of buying deltas
[6:30pm] Rukha: Alright.
[6:30pm] Fik: referencing is when you look at another persons artwork and draw what they drew
[6:30pm] Mimmo: Like how I can go to amazon and just put my card in
[6:31pm] Tristeza: FAcebook should change the policy back
[6:31pm] CrystalBullet: Oh, that is something we would probably have to really look into
[6:31pm] Tristeza: to the way it used to be
[6:31pm] Fik: Do you have a better way? Suggestions for that would be great and we can forward them on to UD
[6:31pm] Mimmo: I would really appeciate that because I can't prove to Paypal that I have a physical adress
[6:31pm] Drystan: b a ck
[6:32pm] CrystalBullet: Welcome back
[6:32pm] plunk: wb
[6:32pm] Fik: What do you suggest?
[6:32pm] Drystan: Thank you
[6:32pm] KingAndy: I know there's a site for using common gift cards like from CVS and such but i cant think of the name
[6:32pm] KingAndy: Because the companies are in association with it
[6:32pm] Fik: You can also use PP without having a credit card
[6:32pm] Gasai: yes and even though paypal says it accepts said debit card, the only one that'll work when I try is Visa
[6:33pm] Victorian: PP accepts my mastarcard debit card
[6:33pm] Victorian: mastercard**
[6:33pm] Mimmo: Well my problem with pay pal is that I can't prove my physical adress so it won't let me activate my account like at all
[6:33pm] Victorian: Oh, I see
[6:33pm] Mimmo: I get my mail by PO box and they won't accept it
[6:34pm] Fik: Your house should physical address
[6:34pm] Fik: not just a PO box
[6:34pm] Fik: try inputting that instead
[6:34pm] Mimmo: It does but I don't get mail there so there's no way to prove it
[6:34pm] Fik: When I had a PO, I had a physical address and a box
[6:34pm] Fik: Can you have it listed as a shipping address?
[6:34pm] Mimmo: Nope
[6:34pm] Fik: This may be something you have to discuss with PP
[6:35pm] Mimmo: They won't even accept my drivers lisense
[6:35pm] Victorian: hvwe you tried calling them?
[6:35pm] Mimmo: Yep
[6:35pm] Victorian: They were very helpful when I called them
[6:35pm] Mimmo: They are never helpful. But I just think it would be nicer to just out my card into wolfhome instead of going through paypal to do it
[6:36pm] Tristeza: wolfhome
[6:36pm] Tristeza: doesn't work that way
[6:36pm] plunk: i dont know much and i might be talking out of my ass but
[6:36pm] plunk: it seems like that might present some security issues
[6:37pm] plunk: like if anything bad happened and it wasnt properly secured people could get ur card info and paypal is more secure
[6:37pm] Mimmo: You'll have that everywhere though <
[6:37pm] CrystalBullet: Also, a person could get their parent's card and use it that way
[6:37pm] plunk: thats why i rarely use my card for things online lol
[6:37pm] Fik: I'm fairly certain you don't need a paypal account to buy deltas though, I think that you can just use it to buy deltas
[6:37pm] plunk: unless its paypal because thats like a super trusted system
[6:37pm] Mimmo: I'm still asked to make a paypal account
[6:38pm] plunk: that too crystal
[6:38pm] Mimmo: or have one
[6:38pm] plunk: brb
[6:38pm] CrystalBullet: Alright
[6:38pm] Fik: hmm, again, this may be something you need to bring up with PP, but we can discuss other ways to doing payments
[6:38pm] KingAndy: Google Wallet could be an alternative
[6:38pm] Fik: it does have to go through UD though
[6:39pm] KingAndy: it works very similarly to PP
[6:39pm] Fik: It'll have to go through UD
[6:40pm] Fik: but we'll discuss it as a team and find it's validity, and forward it on to UD
[6:40pm] KingAndy: Alrighty C:
[6:40pm] Fik: for now, there isn't much we can do, and I'm really really sorry about that
[6:40pm] Fik: :c
[6:40pm] Mimmo: Don't be sorry just a question
[6:40pm] Fik: Well, I feel bad that I can't help more
[6:41pm] Fik: So, let's talk about some of the fun and exciting things that have happened on Wolfhome
[6:41pm] Fik: Free week has just started in a celebration of Wolfhome's birthday
[6:41pm] Fik: Howl-o-Ween.
[6:41pm] Victorian: woo!
[6:41pm] CrystalBullet: Whoop whoop~
[6:41pm] Fik: there are lots of events going on in admin sniffs (make sure to checkt hem all out)
[6:41pm] Fik: and on the forums
[6:41pm] Fik: Participate, and if you win, you may win some deltas c:
[6:42pm] Tristeza: now i'm on
[6:42pm] Tristeza: ultimate
[6:42pm] Fik: We have a costume contest, pumpkin carving
[6:42pm] Tristeza: sprints to refresh
[6:42pm] Tristeza: just left
[6:42pm] Fik: dress up the Gaurdian
[6:42pm] Tristeza: just entered
[6:42pm] Victorian: Lots and lots of fun things!
[6:42pm] Fik: lots of fun things, so make sure you guys check it out andhave some fun with it
[6:42pm] plunk: back
[6:42pm] CrystalBullet: Wb~
[6:42pm] KingAndy: wb
[6:42pm] Fik: with that, there have been some new gifts added too
[6:42pm] plunk: tyty
[6:42pm] Victorian: wb!
[6:43pm] Fik: Welcome back
[6:43pm] plunk: thanks :D
[6:43pm] Fik: Casanova has donated some and so has Revira
[6:43pm] plunk: after all these years ive still never entered any howloween contests
[6:43pm] CrystalBullet: They're beautiful gifts :)
[6:43pm] Fik: Maybe if you win deltas, you can send your friends a gift :D
[6:43pm] Fik: heehee, sorry, I like Halloween a lot
[6:43pm] plunk: you two sound like salesmen right now
[6:43pm] Rukha: I do love the new gifts ;;
[6:44pm] Fik: ;)
[6:44pm] CrystalBullet: xD
[6:44pm] KingAndy: Spoopy Season
[6:44pm] Fik: All of the spoop
[6:44pm] plunk: i just imagine you guys as those girls on wheel of fortune
[6:44pm] Fik: We've also updated a few things on the forum, like adding the quick reply in
[6:44pm] plunk: and heres the BRAND NEW CARR i mean gifts
[6:44pm] Fik: and adding in a gender tab
[6:45pm] Mimmo: just left
[6:45pm] plunk: oh can i ask a question about the forums?
[6:45pm] CrystalBullet: Lmfao Plunk
[6:45pm] CrystalBullet: And sure
[6:45pm] Fik: We've also updated a few rules with reminders
[6:45pm] Fik: oh yes
[6:45pm] Fik: go ahead sorry
[6:45pm] Tristeza I've completely lost track of the conversation. #36465d
[6:45pm] plunk: i noticed a while ago i had an option next to the subscribe to topic/ etc
[6:45pm] Tristeza: Why was
[6:45pm] plunk: to bump the topic
[6:45pm] Tristeza what is that number what
[6:46pm] plunk: and i got to bump all my art topics once that way where i didnt have to post anything
[6:46pm] plunk: and then the option went away
[6:46pm] Tristeza oh it's the tumblr blue hex code
[6:46pm] Fik: it disappeared completely?
[6:46pm] plunk: yes
[6:46pm] Tristeza Tumblr Blue homie #36465d
[6:46pm] plunk: unless it moved or something
[6:46pm] Fik: Hmm, that may be a bug we have to look into. We should be able to 'bump' a topic after 24 hours
[6:46pm] plunk: i was so excited about it when i saw it because i felt bad about spamming my own topics
[6:47pm] plunk: but now i have to go back to manually bumping them haha e_e
[6:47pm] Fik: Oh
[6:47pm] Fik: sorry, my mistake
[6:47pm] deviledspikes: so wait... whats free week and when did it start?
[6:47pm] Fik: you do have to post on the topic before you can use the bump button again
[6:47pm] plunk: ohhh
[6:47pm] plunk: so we have to like alternate it?
[6:47pm] Fik: Free week is when you can have a free account on Wolfhome
[6:47pm] Fik: and it started today
[6:48pm] Fik: yes you do @ plunk
[6:48pm] deviledspikes: free sub account?
[6:48pm] plunk: okay haha so i dont have to feel bad about spamming myself? :P
[6:48pm] Fik: Yes, all accounts are free
[6:48pm] KingAndy: so is the free acount extra free? xD
[6:48pm] Drystan: Gotta poof back to my room, Talk to ya guys at some point in time cx
[6:48pm] Fik: Well, remember that even when posting to bump your topic, you still need to wait a full 24 hours
[6:48pm] Fik: Byee
[6:48pm] CrystalBullet: Take care!
[6:49pm] Drystan: Byyee, Farewell and take care~
[6:49pm] Affirmed: Take care :) !
[6:49pm] Fik: You can upgrade your account for one week
[6:49pm] plunk: yeah, i know, i ususally wait like a week between bumps :0
[6:49pm] Drystan: just left
[6:49pm] deviledspikes: ohh sweet.. you guys will be busy accepting poses then for a week haha ^^
[6:49pm] plunk: thanks for clarifying that
[6:49pm] Fik: but note that any poses you upload or rooms will need to be deleted after that week if you have no deltas in an account
[6:49pm] Fik: yes
[6:49pm] Fik: Please remember that ART is human
[6:50pm] Fik: we have a lot of poses and rooms to go through
[6:50pm] Mbali: just entered
[6:50pm] deviledspikes: we will not note that the art team is human
[6:50pm] CrystalBullet: Hii
[6:50pm] Affirmed: Hello :)
[6:50pm] deviledspikes: they need to be machines
[6:50pm] deviledspikes: ^^
[6:50pm] Mbali: Hawwo ^-^
[6:50pm] plunk: lol
[6:50pm] Victorian: just left
[6:50pm] Fik: nooooo it hurts us
[6:50pm] Fik: hello
[6:50pm] Victorian: just entered
[6:50pm] CrystalBullet: Welcome backk
[6:50pm] Fik: Welcome back vee
[6:50pm] Mbali: just left
[6:51pm] Fik: So
[6:51pm] Fik: when you guys upload private rooms, there are some things you need to know
[6:51pm] Rukha: hello
[6:51pm] KingAndy: +
[6:51pm] Fik: You will basically have free reign of that room for the most part
[6:51pm] Fik: as a room owner you can ban and kick other users. This does not work on Admins
[6:52pm] deviledspikes: ohhh man
[6:52pm] Euphi: just entered
[6:52pm] plunk: can we say admins not allowed? :P lmfao
[6:52pm] deviledspikes: thats unfair
[6:52pm] CrystalBullet: Hi Euphi
[6:52pm] Fik: Admins will not step in to handle rules in your room
[6:52pm] Fik: UNLESS
[6:52pm] Euphi: Evening :)
[6:52pm] deviledspikes: Yes can we discriminate?
[6:52pm] Fik: it deals with death threats
[6:53pm] Fik: suicide threats, propostioning of minors
[6:53pm] Fik: or hack/virus threats
[6:53pm] Euphi: Late as usual :(
[6:53pm] plunk: fashionably late
[6:53pm] deviledspikes: i almost never see admins in users rooms. so that must not happen often?
[6:53pm] KingAndy: fashionably late
[6:53pm] KingAndy: dammit plunk
[6:53pm] Euphi: :p
[6:53pm] KingAndy: <3
[6:53pm] Gasai: just left
[6:54pm] Fik: it doesn't happen often, but it does happen
[6:54pm] plunk: nerd :D
[6:54pm] Fik: There's another thing you need to know though,
[6:54pm] CrystalBullet: Also I'd like to clarify that death threats in the "chase off" option are still dealt with
[6:54pm] Fik: if you open a room that is not yours without the consent of the room owner and it is reported to us, you will be asked to leave that room
[6:54pm] Fik: Yes, thank you CB
[6:55pm] plunk: just left
[6:55pm] plunk: just entered
[6:55pm] Euphi: Wb
[6:55pm] plunk: ty :D
[6:55pm] CrystalBullet: Wb
[6:55pm] Fik: If you continue to open rooms without the permission of the owner, it may lead to a ban
[6:55pm] Fik: by open rooms
[6:56pm] Euphi: Makes sense.
[6:56pm] Fik: I mean that you are using the room for personal reasons without the knowledge or consent of the room owner
[6:56pm] Euphi: Do they still allow you to add friends to the room rights?
[6:57pm] Fik: yes
[6:57pm] Fik: you can add friends to your room alpha list
[6:57pm] Euphi: Ok good to know.
[6:57pm] plunk: just left
[6:57pm] Euphi: A lot has changed since I've been gone.
[6:57pm] plunk: just entered
[6:57pm] CrystalBullet: Wb :P
[6:57pm] plunk: oops lmfao sorry
[6:57pm] Euphi: wbx2
[6:57pm] Affirmed: o snoogs vee<3
[6:57pm] Rukha: wb
[6:57pm] Affirmed: Wb :)
[6:57pm] plunk: ty all
[6:57pm] Fik: Let's get on to the next exciting thing
[6:58pm] Affirmed: yaaay for exciting things
[6:58pm] Fik: and that's some of the new rooms you may have seen
[6:58pm] Fik: Revira has donated three new rooms
[6:58pm] Euphi: Cubwub <3
[6:58pm] Fik: 'Desert reprieve' 'Coyote Valley' and 'morning dunes'
[6:59pm] Fik: Feisu has also donated a new room
[6:59pm] Fik: 'Frozen Sanctum'
[6:59pm] Fik: We're also working on some set edits (as you've seen in the past week)
[7:00pm] Fik: Takatia and Bugfinder worked very hard to get us some new tricolors uploaded, we experienced some issues, but we seem to have fixed some
[7:00pm] Fik: so that was very exciting
[7:00pm] plunk: are you guys gonna edit the classic set
[7:00pm] Fik: It is being worked on
[7:00pm] plunk: :O
[7:00pm] plunk: mostly i just want the loose pixels gone lmfao that would be cool
[7:01pm] Fik: nods
[7:01pm] Euphi: Yes
[7:01pm] Fik: Lastly, Administration Applications are open
[7:01pm] deviledspikes: wait this is the classic set right?
[7:01pm] Fik: We allow anyone who is 16 or older to apply
[7:01pm] Fik: yes
[7:01pm] plunk: yes
[7:02pm] deviledspikes: im pretty sure thats all that was available when i first started here lol
[7:02pm] deviledspikes: along with animated poses
[7:02pm] deviledspikes: ^^
[7:02pm] Fik: I know there was a discussion about lowering the age, but as we stand now, we are not allowing anyone under 15
[7:02pm] Euphi: If you've app'ed once can you try again?
[7:02pm] Fik: under 16
[7:02pm] Rukha: May i get the link to the application?
[7:02pm] Fik: .sorry my mistake
[7:02pm] Rukha: .
[7:02pm] Fik: yes, after 4 months, you can apply again
[7:02pm] plunk: oh im dumb lmfao i thought it was still 13+
[7:02pm] Fik: yes, let me pull it up
[7:02pm] CrystalBullet: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=154166" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[7:03pm] KingAndy: Probably a stupid question, but do we send apps directly via forum PM?
[7:03pm] Rukha: Thanks
[7:03pm] Fik: Oop, CB was all over that
[7:03pm] Rukha: XD
[7:03pm] Tristeza: email
[7:03pm] Fik: Yes, please send via forum PM to any Alpha
[7:03pm] Tristeza: oh
[7:03pm] CrystalBullet: Got it ready as soon as the topic was brought up xD
[7:03pm] Fik: Loud clapping!
[7:04pm] KingAndy joins in the act of clapping xD
[7:04pm] Fik: Alright, do you guys have any more questions for myself, Victorian, or CrystalBullet?
[7:05pm] KingAndy: I think I'm all set
[7:05pm] Fik: Thank you everyone for coming
[7:05pm] CrystalBullet: It was fun guys :)
[7:05pm] Euphi: Whats this message about Subs going free?
[7:05pm] Euphi: I missed that discussion :o
[7:05pm] Fik: Free week started today
[7:05pm] KingAndy: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us nerds c:
[7:05pm] deviledspikes: mhmm ty guys for doing this
[7:05pm] plunk: oh is it over
[7:05pm] Fik: it's a week long celebration of Wolfhome's birthday and Halloween
[7:05pm] CrystalBullet: Unless there are questions
[7:05pm] Euphi: Oh awesome :D
[7:05pm] plunk: UM
[7:05pm] plunk: um
[7:06pm] plunk: how come my head hurts
[7:06pm] Fik: I'm so glad you all could come
[7:06pm] deviledspikes: gdi plunk
[7:06pm] CrystalBullet: Lmaoo
[7:06pm] deviledspikes: >>
[7:06pm] deviledspikes: lol
[7:06pm] Fik: because I hit you with a lead pipe
[7:06pm] Fik: I am sorry
[7:06pm] KingAndy: LOL
[7:06pm] Fik: it was me
[7:06pm] plunk: :0
[7:06pm] Fik: in the meeting room
[7:06pm] CrystalBullet: You just couldn't remember it apparently
[7:06pm] Fik: with the lead pipe
[7:06pm] plunk: i thought i felt something in my sleep
[7:06pm] CrystalBullet: Hahaha
[7:06pm] plunk: thanks for clearing that up
[7:06pm] Fik: Thanks everyone :)
[7:06pm] Rukha: Well, Thank you so much for the talk, I really enjoyed it.
[7:06pm] Fik: nods
[7:07pm] Rukha: just left
[7:07pm] plunk: yeah guys :D keep up the good work
[7:07pm] Tristeza: just left
[7:07pm] Fik: If you guys don't mind, we may have another group coming in, so if you could clear, that would be great
[7:07pm] Fik: thanks again
[7:07pm] KingAndy: no problem! tc all ♥
[7:07pm] Euphi: thank you :) <3
[7:07pm] plunk: OK bai ily all
[7:07pm] KingAndy: just left
[7:07pm] plunk: just left
[7:07pm] Euphi: just left
[7:07pm] CrystalBullet: <33333 @ everyone
[7:07pm] Fik: Byeee
[7:07pm] CrystalBullet: oh
[7:07pm] Fik: <3
[7:07pm] CrystalBullet: A lot are gone already lmao :(
[7:08pm] Fik: yeah
[7:08pm] deviledspikes: just left
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Sat Oct 24, 2015 6:09 pm

Here is the second meeting's logs!
Spoiler! :
Chatwitch Chat Engine © wunderwood, LLC
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Welcome to Wolfhome
You have entered: Wolfhome Community Meeting #1
[4:55pm] You are user 5 of 15 in the room
[4:55pm] Clovette: just entered
[4:55pm] Takatia: just entered
[4:55pm] Vitae: just entered
[4:55pm] Jethro: just entered
[4:55pm] TheKingJay: just entered
[4:55pm] Jethro: let's hope i don't disconnect til the meeting is over
[4:56pm] Clovette: you should post sa stream link int the room description
[4:56pm] Glue: just entered
[4:56pm] Takatia: hihihi
[4:56pm] TheKingJay: hello ;v;
[4:56pm] Glue: Yo
[4:56pm] Clovette: Heya
[4:57pm] sleepneir: just entered
[4:57pm] sleepneir: assface
[4:57pm] TheKingJay: shshhshshshshshh
[4:57pm] TheKingJay: welcometho
[4:57pm] Clovette: Hiya
[4:57pm] TheKingJay: hey <:
[4:57pm] sleepneir: helooo
[4:57pm] Takatia: howdy
[4:58pm] WendigoWolf: just entered
[4:58pm] Glue: Wendi <3
[4:58pm] Takatia: i just ran here after dinner, jeez that was not a smart idea
[4:58pm] Glue: Ouch D:
[4:58pm] Glue: Don't make yourself sick!
[4:58pm] Clovette: same
[4:58pm] TheKingJay: 1 sec gonna refresh
[4:58pm] Takatia: oh it is too late for that my friend, lol
[4:58pm] TheKingJay: just left
[4:58pm] Takatia: hi wendi <3
[4:58pm] WendigoWolf: ello<3
[4:58pm] TheKingJay: just entered
[4:58pm] sleepneir: wbb
[4:58pm] Takatia: welcome back :)
[4:58pm] Glue: amg Taka D:
[4:58pm] TheKingJay: tytytyty ^^
[4:58pm] Jethro: i thought that said "eats a mexican"
[4:58pm] Glue: make yourself better, now!
[4:59pm] Clovette: that too
[4:59pm] WendigoWolf: totally got happy feet in the backgroundplaying
[4:59pm] Clovette: haven't seen that in years
[4:59pm] Takatia: awww that sounds amazing
[5:00pm] Glue: Love it :D
[5:00pm] Glue: fml I guess I am not gonna attend to this thing
[5:00pm] TheKingJay: omg i was just watching that in school xD
[5:00pm] TheKingJay: oh?
[5:00pm] Takatia: D:
[5:00pm] Glue: got run somewhere and will be gone for like 10 mins
[5:00pm] WendigoWolf: aw
[5:00pm] Clovette: we'll be here!
[5:01pm] Glue: my hubs left his SSN and he needs it for his new job lol
[5:01pm] Takatia: yes, we will be
[5:01pm] Clovette: plus there's the stream if you can't make it in
[5:01pm] Glue: I will be back later :B
[5:01pm] WendigoWolf: tc
[5:01pm] Glue: just left
[5:01pm] Takatia: <3 take care oh
[5:01pm] TheKingJay: ;o;
[5:01pm] TheKingJay: suprised rooms not filling dfaster tho xD
[5:02pm] TheKingJay: last time i attended one of these it filled sofast
[5:02pm] Kige: just entered
[5:02pm] Takatia: yeah :(
[5:02pm] Takatia: howdy
[5:02pm] Kige: Yo
[5:02pm] TheKingJay: maybe make an annoucement? uwu its 5 soimean
[5:03pm] Takatia: we can wait a few minutes to see if anyone trickles in
[5:03pm] sleepneir: i wouldn't have noticed tbh if i hadn'et been told it was time
[5:03pm] TheDragonRealm: just entered
[5:03pm] sleepneir: hadn't*
[5:03pm] TheKingJay: yeyeye xD
[5:03pm] TheKingJay: snezzes
[5:03pm] TheKingJay: sneezes*
[5:03pm] TheKingJay: hello
[5:03pm] sleepneir: tf is a snezz
[5:03pm] TheDragonRealm: Hallo ; o;
[5:03pm] sleepneir: hii
[5:03pm] TheKingJay: Hey taka btw are admin apps still open or they closed now?
[5:03pm] Sollise: just entered
[5:04pm] Clovette: on the frontpage
[5:04pm] Pierceton: just entered
[5:04pm] Takatia: they are open!
[5:04pm] sleepneir: NYOOM
[5:04pm] Clovette: hi
[5:04pm] TheKingJay: awesome i might apply uwu
[5:04pm] TheKingJay: omg fello r o ck
[5:04pm] Takatia: howdy
[5:04pm] Pierceton: Hey, hey.
[5:04pm] Sollise: hihi
[5:04pm] TheKingJay: fellow?
[5:04pm] Chicago: just entered
[5:04pm] TheKingJay: idkomg
[5:04pm] sleepneir: should we be rocks to show unity
[5:04pm] TheKingJay: mhm
[5:04pm] TheDragonRealm: (8 Hello everyone
[5:04pm] Takatia: hi :)
[5:04pm] Kige: ahh missing pose
[5:05pm] Nimbus: just entered
[5:05pm] Kige: just left
[5:05pm] WendigoWolf: oh look pet rocks
[5:05pm] Sollise: scoots to the rocks
[5:05pm] Kige: just entered
[5:05pm] Chicago: hihi :)
[5:05pm] sleepneir: laughing
[5:05pm] Nimbus: HEy
[5:05pm] TheKingJay: perf
[5:05pm] sleepneir: where is war and jamie
[5:05pm] TheKingJay: oMG
[5:05pm] sleepneir: YEAH
[5:05pm] WendigoWolf: ooo chicago that is a nicely textured pose
[5:05pm] Chicago: thank you! brb <3
[5:05pm] Kholt: just entered
[5:05pm] Chicago: just left
[5:06pm] Sollise: rocks are goinng to take over wh
[5:06pm] WendigoWolf: rockhome
[5:06pm] sleepneir: theyare
[5:06pm] Pierceton: This will be interesting.
[5:06pm] TheKingJay: yes
[5:06pm] TheDragonRealm: Hey kholt!!
[5:06pm] aiichiro: just entered
[5:06pm] TheKingJay: rock revolution
[5:06pm] Kholt: hey !!!
[5:06pm] Clovette: hiya
[5:06pm] TheDragonRealm: How are you?<33
[5:06pm] TheKingJay: rocolution
[5:06pm] SapphireStone: just entered
[5:06pm] Takatia: waves
[5:06pm] Sollise: wolfhome will become rockhome
[5:06pm] Kholt: confused and such
[5:06pm] Sollise: (B
[5:06pm] TheDragonRealm: Bout wat
[5:07pm] sleepneir: heyy sapphire
[5:07pm] Kholt: i'll whisper cause i don't wanna flood this meeting with nonsense
[5:07pm] Clovette: BAPBAP
[5:07pm] SapphireStone: Hai
[5:07pm] TheDragonRealm: sounds good
[5:08pm] aiichiro: just left
[5:08pm] TheKingJay: 14/15 peeps .o.
[5:08pm] TheKingJay: 13*
[5:08pm] Takatia: alright
[5:08pm] TheKingJay: no 14 idk omg
[5:08pm] Takatia: Hi everyone, thanks for coming :D
[5:08pm] Pierceton: Of curse.
[5:08pm] Nimbus: Hello
[5:08pm] SapphireStone: helluh
[5:08pm] Takatia: Is there a topic anyone wants to bring up to start us off?
[5:08pm] WendigoWolf: woof
[5:08pm] Sollise: hiy
[5:08pm] TheKingJay: yes
[5:09pm] TheKingJay: Im here to support rock rights ok
[5:09pm] SapphireStone: YAAAS
[5:09pm] Pierceton: Wt abut pose facing
[5:09pm] Pierceton: D yu position the way the head f?
[5:09pm] Pierceton: faces*
[5:09pm] Kholt: what about it?
[5:10pm] Takatia: It's whatever works best for you, so long as the pose has a mirrored side
[5:10pm] Pierceton: A pose I'm about to upload, its head faces on awy, the body faces another.
[5:10pm] Pierceton: Ah, okay.
[5:10pm] Pierceton: Thank you.
[5:10pm] Takatia: A lot of people do go by the head though
[5:10pm] Takatia: since the default set poses do
[5:10pm] Takatia: No prob
[5:10pm] SapphireStone: I have a question regarding poses as well
[5:10pm] Takatia: Sure, what is it?
[5:11pm] Clovette: SAY HELLO
[5:11pm] Clovette: TO DA STREAM
[5:11pm] SapphireStone: It's normal for poses to get accepted or rejected in 2-3 days right?
[5:11pm] Clovette: STRIM STRAM
[5:11pm] Takatia: Yep
[5:11pm] Takatia: It can even be less than 2 days, and often is
[5:11pm] SapphireStone: Okie, thanks, just checking 66
[5:11pm] Victorian (x52f3f8995221e:1): HELLO STREAM
[5:11pm] Clovette: I am away (Streaming WH Meeting - join.me/WHcommeet1)
[5:11pm] SapphireStone: Mkay, thanks just checking ^^
[5:11pm] Takatia: Anything more than 3 days means it is probably under discussion
[5:12pm] TheKingJay: tak
[5:12pm] Takatia: mhm?
[5:12pm] Karoshi: just entered
[5:12pm] TheKingJay: can we allow rocks in public
[5:12pm] Jethro: yay jake
[5:12pm] TheKingJay: my rock is one of my sonas
[5:12pm] TheKingJay: js
[5:12pm] Kholt: okeee
[5:12pm] Takatia: Sadly not, since rocks are inanimate objects, they are for private room use
[5:13pm] Takatia: When Wolfhome changed to all species
[5:13pm] Clovette: the only rocks I have are on my stomach
[5:13pm] Clovette: there are six of them
[5:13pm] Jethro: that sounds like a medical issue
[5:13pm] Takatia: Part of the change was that users liked the idea of all species, and not inanimate objects, in public rooms
[5:13pm] TheKingJay: omg
[5:14pm] SapphireStone: ROCKS HAVE THEIR OWN SPECIES
[5:14pm] TheKingJay: we are 1
[5:14pm] TheKingJay: i have moss
[5:14pm] TheKingJay: moss is living i think
[5:15pm] Vitae: anything added to the actual base of the pose is an accessory.
[5:15pm] Takatia: It's vegetation. In the poll we created to decide if we were going to allow more species in public rooms
[5:15pm] Takatia: Users wanted more of an animal-based environment in public rooms
[5:15pm] TheKingJay: we need to make rocks its own specie
[5:15pm] sleepneir: are we allowed to retake that poll now?
[5:16pm] Takatia: We don't plan on reopening the poll due to how long it was previously opened for
[5:16pm] TheKingJay: can we make a quick one like
[5:16pm] TheKingJay: rocks or no rocks
[5:17pm] Pierceton: just left
[5:17pm] Takatia: It wouldn't be consistent. Biologically speaking, rocks cannot be their own species. They are inanimate
[5:17pm] SapphireStone: I thinks rocks are life.
[5:17pm] Pierceton: just entered
[5:17pm] Takatia: Anyway, is there any other topics people wanted to bring up before we start?
[5:18pm] Jethro: A new map page that doesn't move
[5:18pm] TheKingJay: i miss the old one
[5:18pm] sleepneir: Yeah, would it be possible to add a joke section to the pose uploader
[5:18pm] Clovette: You mean species category Sleep?
[5:18pm] Nimbus: a new map was worked on ages ago. i donnt think that will happen anytime soon
[5:18pm] Takatia: An option for the two? Or just a non moving map
[5:18pm] TheKingJay: an option>
[5:18pm] Kholt: I think it'd be neat to have the option of a static or animated one
[5:18pm] sleepneir: More as in a Joke category, for enlarged parts of the body that are not anatomically correct
[5:19pm] Jethro: Either or. The current one causes me a bit of lag when I'm on it since movement.
[5:19pm] Kholt: But, coding
[5:19pm] TheKingJay: i like that<
[5:19pm] Takatia: We allow gag poses in the inanimate and large prop category
[5:19pm] sleepneir: they're not overwhleming in size, just out of proportion according the sizing chart
[5:19pm] Karoshi: yeah i agree the map lags me terribly
[5:19pm] Takatia: if that is what you mean
[5:19pm] sleepneir: okay, so if a pose had a larger head, would it go in large prop?
[5:19pm] Takatia: We can look into that
[5:19pm] sleepneir: it's extremely small compared to the chart, just the head is a bit large
[5:20pm] Takatia: Larger head can be deemed as a chibi. There are also artists who have a style like that. It depends on how its drawn
[5:20pm] TheKingJay: OH that reminds me of a question on pose sizes as well
[5:21pm] TheKingJay: I have like 3 main characters and 2 of them are like larger then a wolf, one is like moose sized and the other like large deer. Would it be ok to have thos poses come in a little bigger since you guys let all species in? how would i go about that?
[5:23pm] Takatia: If they are canines, then they have to be sized like canines. If it is another species, like a moose, it can be sized using this chart: http://i.imgur.com/qTaq68N.png" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[5:23pm] Kholt: but it's like a mix
[5:23pm] Takatia: So if they are canine enough, then no, they cannot be a little bigger, they need to be within the canine sizing limits
[5:23pm] SapphireStone: What about poptart wolves? Observe:
[5:23pm] Takatia: Then there would need to be a discussion on what category the character belongs in
[5:23pm] Kholt: does it have to be like; which ever is more noticeable??
[5:24pm] TheKingJay: well they are canines but not full on canines like thayre personal species
[5:24pm] sleepneir: that's nyancat
[5:24pm] Takatia: And then, from there, seeing how it should be sized
[5:24pm] SapphireStone: I know what it is, ty very much e.e
[5:24pm] TheKingJay: could i upload the moose sized one under the moose catagory?
[5:24pm] SapphireStone: Nah jk .-.
[5:24pm] TheKingJay: and maybe put a not in the perms area like "this is a larger OC"
[5:25pm] Kholt: My sona is a canid body but his bone sizing is elk. So??
[5:25pm] Takatia: You can. If it is deemed to be too canine like though, and is too large to be a canine, it can be rejected for size. Likely if it is a hybrid, it would need to be discussed
[5:25pm] TheKingJay: we should have a hybrid and/or a large canine catagory
[5:25pm] TheKingJay: please
[5:25pm] Clovette: It's not the category that makes the difference, it's how they appear on chat in comparison to other poses.
[5:26pm] TheKingJay: well if theyre like a larger kinda canine or hybrid specie they should have their own catagory so it can be like controlled which rooms theyre allowed in maybe o:
[5:27pm] Takatia: All rooms currently follow the same rules for species.
[5:27pm] Takatia: public rooms, that is
[5:27pm] TheKingJay: then they could be in all rooms?
[5:27pm] Takatia: It is probably going to stay that way for awhile
[5:28pm] TheKingJay: idk i just feel they should be able to have larger poses if their OC is a larger body in anotomic terms
[5:28pm] Takatia: It brings up the same issue that Clovette brought up before, how the poses compare to one another on chat
[5:29pm] Takatia: I am going to start on the topics we have listed in a minute
[5:29pm] TheKingJay: yes and thats what im trying to get at .o. they would look bigger if say like i made art of my character and the other persons (smaller) character
[5:29pm] Kholt: mkay
[5:29pm] Takatia: So those who couldn't come in here can see their questions being addressed
[5:29pm] Clovette: It's the species being compared to one another, not each individual character
[5:30pm] Clovette: If you have a character that is mostly canine and it is way larger than other canines in the room, it's just going to look oversized
[5:30pm] Clovette: It's no aesthetically appealing
[5:30pm] Takatia: Alright
[5:30pm] Takatia: So, as a starter point
[5:31pm] Takatia: A lot of people were asking when free week for Howloween is going to start
[5:31pm] Takatia: It's started today, and should be running until November 1st
[5:31pm] Pierceton: Oh, nice.
[5:31pm] Jethro: woo
[5:31pm] Takatia: So anyone can change their subscription level and upload poses or rooms :D yay
[5:31pm] WendigoWolf: yippee
[5:31pm] SapphireStone: So subs are free til then?
[5:31pm] Clovette:
[5:31pm] Takatia: Yes :)
[5:31pm] Vitae: yey happy anniversary wh
[5:31pm] SapphireStone: HALLELUJAH.
[5:32pm] Takatia: Anyone who is currently paying won't be charged until the free week is over
[5:32pm] Vitae: happy birthday
[5:32pm] Takatia: as well
[5:32pm] TheKingJay: omfg perf
[5:32pm] Vitae: whatever
[5:32pm] sleepneir: yayy
[5:32pm] Takatia: Also, on the note of Howloween
[5:32pm] Pierceton: As long as people don't go around using Ultimate, without poses...
[5:32pm] Pierceton: God.
[5:32pm] Kholt: ++++++++++++++++++++++
[5:32pm] sleepneir: looool
[5:32pm] Takatia: You can do that if you want! If you want to use a different pose set
[5:32pm] Kholt: sorry
[5:32pm] Takatia: That is available to higher subs only
[5:32pm] Pierceton: Really? I'm only using Basic...
[5:33pm] Pierceton: Then again, I have a new ref and olnly have one pise colored in it.
[5:33pm] SapphireStone: X3 I'm using Elite
[5:33pm] Takatia: The Howloween contests are still also up, and will be until midnight on the 31st. For anyone interested in entering for fun or for the delta prizes
[5:34pm] Pierceton: Contests?
[5:34pm] Clovette: They are a lot of fun, I entered them before (:
[5:34pm] TheDragonRealm: just left
[5:34pm] Takatia: viewforum.php?f=35" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[5:34pm] TheDragonRealm: just entered
[5:34pm] Kholt: ;w; wb
[5:34pm] Karoshi: i mean my dressing up the guardian was pretty killer
[5:34pm] sleepneir: wbb
[5:34pm] Clovette: I love the entries we have so far for that one
[5:34pm] TheDragonRealm: tyty my internet dislikes me here lol
[5:35pm] Vitae: lmao jake
[5:35pm] Kholt: o-o
[5:36pm] Takatia: Onto Wolfhome in general, since a lot of you here use the forum
[5:36pm] Takatia: There's a few rule changes and clarifications that have been made recently
[5:36pm] Takatia: And I would like to address them to avoid any potential confusion
[5:36pm] Takatia: So one of these clarifications was regarding deviantart points
[5:37pm] Takatia: And whether deviantart points can be sold or exchanged for artwork on the forum or chat
[5:38pm] Takatia: While it would be handy to have deviantart point exchanges, since it is a currency used on very large art site, on Wolfhome, their terms of service do not allow it
[5:38pm] Takatia: And therefore it is something we cannot allow as well
[5:38pm] Takatia: So this applies to exchanging deltas for points, points for adoptables, points for premades/YCHs..etc
[5:39pm] Takatia: More information on it is here, if you are curious about reading more: http://about.deviantart.com/policy/points/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[5:39pm] Takatia: viewtopic.php?f=93&t=59201" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; and Rule 19 here
[5:40pm] Takatia: Does anyone have anything they want to ask about the rule? Clarification needed? Thoughts on it?
[5:40pm] Pierceton: Won't people still do it, even if it's not allowed?
[5:40pm] Pierceton: And be sneaky?
[5:40pm] Takatia: Yes, people will try I am sure. But on the forum, if we see it, we try to be sure they are aware
[5:41pm] Takatia: And as always, you are welcome to report issues as well
[5:41pm] Clovette: Right now, if we see it, people receive a reminder that it's a new rule and that it is against the rules. (: Not a lot of people know yet since it's so recent.
[5:42pm] Pierceton: All righty.
[5:43pm] Takatia: Yep, thanks for the clarification on that, Clov. Is there anything else people wanted to know about it? Or discuss? Otherwise we can move onto the next topic
[5:43pm] Clovette: I have a question from Glue about the rule, too. I'm going to post it here from the stream if that's alright, Tak. Don't want to interrupt
[5:44pm] Takatia: Yep, that's fine
[5:44pm] Clovette: "So they can't post on their commish/premade topic that they will accept DA points? But can they link to their DA that states it on the posts?"
[5:44pm] Clovette: "Or maybe just refer to their DA on their commish prices at least?"
[5:46pm] Takatia: That is fine so long as the transaction isn't through Wolfhome. If the discussion is taking place through Wolfhome and dA points are used, then it isn't allowed. If you want to link to commission prices, and points are included there, in addition to paypal prices and/or deltas, that is okay. It is just a matter of whether or not that the point
[5:46pm] Takatia: transaction occurs over Wolfhome that is the issue.
[5:47pm] Takatia: Carrying the discussion of a commission involving points should be on deviantart, to respect their Terms of Service as well as Wolfhome's rule (#19 on the forum)
[5:48pm] Clovette: Glue@All: What if the discussion is through PM or WH pst? Or even a private room? Sorry. I' just curious lol Glue@All: I'm*
[5:48pm] Sollise: just left
[5:48pm] Takatia: It's all good, thanks for asking for clarification.
[5:48pm] Nimbus: just left
[5:48pm] sleepneir: just left
[5:48pm] Takatia: It would still be a violation of deviantart's terms of service
[5:49pm] Takatia: "deviantPOINTS cannot be used, Transferred, sold or otherwise traded outside of the Site and any such activity is strictly prohibited."
[5:49pm] Nepthys: just entered
[5:49pm] Takatia: By conducting a transaction through a private message on Wolfhome, that is still a violation of their terms of service.
[5:49pm] Nepthys: mmM'S AT DRAGON
[5:49pm] Clovette: Glue@All: Alright. Understood (:
[5:49pm] Takatia: welcome :)
[5:50pm] Pierceton: Frick.
[5:50pm] Nepthys: Heyo (^:
[5:50pm] TheDragonRealm: Oop hihi
[5:50pm] Pierceton: just left
[5:50pm] Karoshi: just left
[5:50pm] Pierceton: just entered
[5:50pm] Karoshi: just entered
[5:50pm] Takatia: Welcome back
[5:50pm] Clovette: wb
[5:50pm] Nepthys: I have a question I'm dying to ask tbh
[5:50pm] Kholt: wb oke
[5:50pm] Vitae: wbbb
[5:50pm] Takatia: What's your question?
[5:50pm] Karoshi: thank uuuuu
[5:50pm] Jethro: wb jake and pierceton
[5:50pm] Nepthys: Alright, I don't know if we're allowed to officially address these issues but it's about contacting UD and the server crashes
[5:50pm] Pierceton: Thank you.
[5:51pm] Takatia: Is there something specific you want to talk about? Or the issue in general
[5:51pm] Nepthys: General when concerning the server crashes but then I want to know why it's been so difficult contacting UD, considering I've been trying to get his help for about a year now
[5:52pm] Takatia: I'm not sure if you have read this, but if you haven't, I do recommend it: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=175775" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[5:52pm] Nepthys: Ah, I didn't get that one thank you
[5:53pm] Takatia: Basically, the server crash was not on Underdog's part, but rather issues on the part of the server used for Chatlands
[5:53pm] Nepthys: I figured as much. Just as the past other crashes.
[5:53pm] Pierceton: Hmm...
[5:53pm] Pierceton: Hello, Clove.
[5:53pm] Takatia: In terms of the difficulty in contacting Underdog, unfortunately he has a difficult job in trying to maintain all of Chatlands, in addition to work he does outside of Chatlands, as he has other projects.
[5:54pm] Clovette: hello
[5:54pm] Takatia: I know it can be frustrating, but being patient and contacting him via email and giving reminders is what I would recommend.
[5:54pm] Takatia: He is trying to be around more often.
[5:54pm] Nepthys: Alright, thank you ^^
[5:55pm] MythicalBeast: just entered
[5:55pm] Takatia: howdy
[5:55pm] Clovette: Hello
[5:55pm] MythicalBeast: Hallo
[5:55pm] Vitae: heyo
[5:55pm] TheDragonRealm: Hallo!
[5:55pm] Takatia: I would like to move onto the next topic, if everyone is okay with that
[5:55pm] SapphireStone: Hai ^^
[5:55pm] Nepthys: Suresure. ouo
[5:55pm] Clovette: Let me check if anyone has questions
[5:55pm] Radke: just entered
[5:55pm] Takatia: howdy :)
[5:56pm] Radke: Hey tay~
[5:56pm] Clovette: Hiya
[5:56pm] Radke: hi clovee
[5:57pm] Clovette: No more questions from the stream (:
[5:57pm] Vitae: Okay, so the next topic is our new rule regarding Paypal Fees
[5:59pm] Vitae: This rule was made to the ToS/ToU that Paypal has regarding it, which doesn't allow the seller to request the buyer to pay the fee.
[6:00pm] Vitae: And since Wolfhome follows other site's ToS's/ToU's, this is the same case and is handled in the same way DA points are since it is a new rule.
[6:00pm] Vitae: You can however, find out what your fees are with this converter: http://thefeecalculator.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[6:00pm] Vitae: And include them in your price.
[6:00pm] Vitae: That way you get the price you want, and the fees are still covered by yourself
[6:02pm] Vitae: We're sending out reminders right now for those who ask on their sale's topics requesting people to cover the fee so that everyone can ajust to this new rule.
[6:02pm] Vitae: Any questions?
[6:02pm] Vitae: concerns?
[6:03pm] MythicalBeast: just left
[6:04pm] Radke: just left
[6:04pm] Vitae: If not, we can move onto the next topic
[6:05pm] Sitara: just entered
[6:05pm] Clovette: Hiya
[6:05pm] Vitae: heyooo
[6:05pm] WendigoWolf: ello
[6:06pm] Jethro: to clarify, it's 100% against the rules to even say "includes fee" on the topic?
[6:06pm] Clovette: Yes
[6:06pm] Jethro: ok
[6:06pm] Sitara: Hello ^^
[6:06pm] Vitae: Yes
[6:06pm] Nivens: just entered
[6:06pm] Sitara: <333 ^^
[6:06pm] Vitae: Instead of saying "$10 please include fee" simply include the fee in your price
[6:06pm] TheKingJay: just left
[6:07pm] Vitae: so instead of $10, you'd put something like $10.61 (or whatever the converter I linked, showed you)
[6:07pm] WendigoWolf: so no asking for fee, only putting it in with price?
[6:08pm] Vitae: Yes, because that way you're charging for the fee, and still getting the price you want.
[6:08pm] WendigoWolf: okie dokie
[6:08pm] Fayolah: just entered
[6:09pm] Vitae: Heyo!
[6:09pm] Vitae: Any other questions?
[6:09pm] Fayolah: Hiya
[6:09pm] Takatia: hello everyone who entered :)
[6:09pm] Jethro: oh hey someone's a sim
[6:09pm] Vitae: Moving on to the next topic if there are none
[6:10pm] Nepthys: (^:
[6:10pm] Nivens: Hey Tak ^.^
[6:10pm] Jethro: i got no more
[6:10pm] Vitae: that is cute (sidenote @ sim pose)
[6:10pm] WendigoWolf: lol sim pose
[6:10pm] Nepthys: It's cute until a little lamp blocks the hallway.
[6:10pm] Vitae: Another rule that's not as new, but is still something everyone is finally starting to settle into is the Passive Aggressive (PA) Rule
[6:10pm] Jethro: it's cute til you get stuck in a pool
[6:10pm] Nepthys: Oml
[6:10pm] Pierceton: Hmm.
[6:11pm] WendigoWolf: no idea what that is..passive agressive
[6:11pm] Nepthys: Passive Aggressive is basically indirect rudeness
[6:11pm] WendigoWolf: oh
[6:11pm] Vitae: Passive aggressive: of or denoting a type of behavior or personality characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others and an avoidance of direct confrontation, as in procrastinating, pouting, or misplacing important materials.
[6:11pm] Jethro: "i really hate it when people don't know what things are"
[6:12pm] Vitae: That is a direct definition, but yes, it's basically being indirectly aggressive or harsh towards another person / thing / etc
[6:12pm] Takatia: Clarification on it in terms of how it is seen on the forum can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=162422&hilit=passive" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[6:12pm] SapphireStone: just left
[6:13pm] Vitae: We had the biggest issue on those three topics listed on the topic that Takatia just linked
[6:13pm] Vitae: so the rule applies to those topics.
[6:15pm] Vitae: Passive Aggression falls under Disturbing The Peace after you receive 3 reminders, then a warning or action may be taken
[6:16pm] Vitae: it would solely depend on where you are on your ban ladder, whether you get a Warning after the 3rd reminder, a NG, or a Ban.
[6:18pm] Vitae: But the reason this rule was placed in the first place is due to the effect these posts can have on the atmosphere, since we're a smaller community, certain posts do have that effect, especially if they're PA.
[6:19pm] Vitae: It's basically just a little nudge to remind yourself to be more positive and mindful of what you say
[6:19pm] Pierceton: Honestly, I don't think Wolfhome should really allow 13 year olds...
[6:19pm] Vitae: However, we know we won't catch every PA post, some are too vague for us, while others are less vague. We heavily rely on user's reporting it.
[6:20pm] Pierceton: [[Wow, way to go, Pierce's ADHD.]]
[6:21pm] Takatia: It's okay Pierceton
[6:21pm] Takatia: So do you think Wolfhome should be +14?
[6:21pm] Jethro: question. why is the PA rule so strict? like i understand it's so that users don't indirectly attack one another, but what if it's a post about something offline? i won't say who, but i know of a few people who got warnings when they were posting about offline things.
[6:21pm] Pierceton: Yes. <
[6:22pm] Takatia: Okay, just clarifying. Do you mind if we wait until we are done discussing PA?
[6:22pm] Pierceton: Of course, I'm sorry.
[6:24pm] Vitae: Often, we do allow most comments or slightly PA towards people outside Wolfhome, unless it's directly at a type of person, or a slur, derogatory term, etc. If they are too vague for us to understand or handle, we let it go.
[6:25pm] Clovette: May I add onto that?
[6:25pm] Vitae: you may
[6:25pm] Clovette: Or were you writing more?
[6:25pm] Vitae: you can go ahead and add
[6:25pm] Clovette: okay!
[6:27pm] Clovette: Along with what Vitae stated, it goes back to the atmosphere of Wolfhome wanting to be kept lighthearted as well. If we have a lot of comments that are PA to people in real life, it still bogs down the atmosphere. Also, a lot of times whenever people post PA topics we try to directly relate them to other things that have happened on the forum.
[6:28pm] Clovette: If our hunch that the two are connected i right, we will usually go ahead and take action on the comment. Saying something like "this person is really getting on my nerves" after arguing slightly with someone on the forum, even though you mean someone IRL in your post
[6:28pm] Clovette: can still be considered to be referring to that argument, so it would be taken down
[6:29pm] Vitae: Clov's p on point
[6:30pm] Vitae: Any questions so far?
[6:30pm] Nimbus: just entered
[6:30pm] Kholt: wb
[6:30pm] Vitae: If not, maybe we can move onto the next topic?
[6:30pm] Nimbus: ty
[6:30pm] Clovette: I don't see anymore stream questions
[6:31pm] Clovette: oop, I think I see a question actually
[6:31pm] Takatia: Okay, so going back to Pierceton's question on the age restriction on Wolfhome
[6:32pm] Clovette: "Cochise@All: like a joke or something between the two people but an admin sees it and thinks it's serious PA, it wouldn't be an offense or?"
[6:32pm] Jethro: oh woop died. and okay, thank you for explaining@ the answers before.
[6:32pm] Takatia: Op, apparently another PA question.
[6:32pm] Nivens: just left
[6:32pm] Nivens: just entered
[6:32pm] Nimbus: wb
[6:32pm] Sitara: Wb
[6:32pm] WendigoWolf: wb
[6:32pm] Nivens: Had some troublesome connection. Thanks guys <3 :)
[6:33pm] Nepthys A little side-note: This is much like a learning experience, yes, but it also helps meet or notice other people in the community <3 Just thought I'd say that.
[6:34pm] Clovette:
[6:34pm] Vitae: Well, if we do not know it's a joke, it could be seen as serious. We do ask for OPS from other admins normally when we see PA, to get multiple opinions before we handle the situation. If we can however tell it's a joke, then normally we leave it be, joking among your friends is perfectly fine.
[6:34pm] Vitae: A lot of PA is handled case by case, and we have to discuss it.
[6:35pm] Fayolah: Back oops
[6:35pm] TheDragonRealm: weba
[6:35pm] Vitae: If you can afterwards prove that is was a joke, (both parties) the action we take can be revoked.
[6:35pm] Fayolah: just left
[6:35pm] Fayolah: just entered
[6:35pm] Clovette: Cochise@All: Ah, alright. (^:
[6:35pm] WendigoWolf: wb
[6:35pm] Sitara: Wb
[6:35pm] Jethro: dammit tasha i was just about to ask that.
[6:35pm] Jethro: lmfao
[6:35pm] Clovette: No more stream quesitons, I'm sure we're ready for Pierce's (:
[6:36pm] Fayolah: Danke ouo
[6:36pm] Takatia: Okay Pierceton
[6:36pm] Takatia: Is there anything you wanted to mention, in particular, for why you think Wolfhome should be +14?
[6:36pm] Vitae: If you feel your post was not handled properly, or you don't feel it was PA please feel free to contact the person you recieved the reminder from, or any Forum Moderator / Administrator.
[6:38pm] Pierceton: I have been off and on Wolfhome and Chatlands for a good 3-5 years, perhaps, and it seems as 13 is just young for some of the topics that are thrown around. I've seen open sexual talk amongst a group of 13 year olds, or so they claimed.
[6:39pm] Pierceton: They often also don't take time to read rules and get agitated over small things. They take things too personally.
[6:39pm] Nivens: Bye guys, tc <3333
[6:39pm] Fayolah: < Bye
[6:39pm] WendigoWolf: bye
[6:39pm] Nivens: just left
[6:40pm] Takatia: I see where you are coming from
[6:40pm] Takatia: For starters, we don't allow overly sexual talk in public rooms
[6:40pm] Takatia: So if that occurs, it should be reported
[6:41pm] Pierceton: I have reported it, before.
[6:41pm] Takatia: The general age for learning about issues involving sex comes at the age of 13, so I can understand why these thoughts are coming to their minds. A lot of general education comes around the ages of 12-13
[6:42pm] Jethro: What about having a few public rooms with different age ratings? Like a few for 13-17 and a few for 18+? That way if people want to just be around people closer to their age, they can use those specific rooms?
[6:42pm] Pierceton: Some of them just can't get the reasons why rules are put in place.
[6:42pm] Takatia: My main thing is that, they are already learning about these concepts in school. A graphical chat won't change that. And discussions for the sake of knowledge, so long as they aren't inappropriate are okay. And as a PG-13 chat, 13 year olds should be allowed to attend
[6:43pm] Takatia: A 14 year old might struggle with that too though, or even an 18 year old
[6:43pm] Nepthys: just left
[6:43pm] Takatia: It can be discussed, Jethro. It has been an idea brought up before. We have things as they are to be inclusive to everyone, especially since going to +13 was a big change for the site
[6:43pm] Takatia: A lot of the users were younger than 13, and we didn't want even more separation.
[6:44pm] Pierceton: Okay, I hadn't thoguht of it in that manner. I see a lot of underaged claiming to be fifteen and sixteen.
[6:44pm] Pierceton: I've seen*
[6:44pm] Takatia: If someone is claiming to be older, and you have proof to show otherwise
[6:44pm] Takatia: Please feel free to report it
[6:45pm] Takatia: Users can and will lie about their age to get on, but we want to do our best to ensure that it is just 13 year olds or older
[6:46pm] Pierceton: I had a situation a few years back with , like a nine year old who sounded like a 17 year old, and claimed to be 18, and was running their own Chat.
[6:46pm] Takatia: That should be directly brought to Underdog's attention.
[6:47pm] Takatia: Is there anything else anyone wanted to add to the topic of Wolfhome's age restriction?
[6:47pm] Kholt: shakes head
[6:48pm] Pierceton: Not that I cant hink of. Thank you for taking time to discuss it.
[6:48pm] Takatia: No problem :)
[6:48pm] Clovette: Checking for a couple more questions form the stream viewers and then we';ll move on (:
[6:50pm] Clovette: Doesn't look like there are anymore questions about that so moving on
[6:51pm] Clovette: The next thing that we wanted to discuss was impersonation. Impersonation, I'm sure you all are aware, is when you pretend to be someone you are not. We have changed our rule regarding impersonation, and would like to bring it up so that you all know about it.
[6:51pm] WendigoWolf: oh boy
[6:51pm] Clovette: It used to be that anyone impersonating in any way would receive a permanent ban - however, we've changed this to be more case-by-case as we understand that some users don't have ill intentions.
[6:53pm] Pierceton: Does lying about gender count?
[6:53pm] Clovette: There are a lot of cases of users using pictures in their sniff that are not them. This can go either way with our rule. If you post a picture of someone else in chat/your sniff and later claim that that person in the picture is you, you will receive a permanent ban as that is direct impersonation
[6:53pm] Sitara: I think lying about gender is fine
[6:53pm] Clovette: No, lying about yourself, as long as you are claiming to be yourself and not another person, is allowed... unless you are lying about your age to get into older rooms or getting into situations that are 18+
[6:54pm] Clovette: But that is a whole different story
[6:54pm] Sitara: I've meet people with good reasons, but I guess it's a case-by-care thing again
[6:54pm] Fayolah: I have a question
[6:54pm] Pierceton: NoNo, I'm 17, for sure.
[6:54pm] Fayolah: Would being transgender be considered as lying about your gender?
[6:54pm] Clovette: If you post a picture in chat/your sniff WITHOUT claiming to be the person in the picture, you will not be permanently banned. You will only receive a warning and will have to remove the content from your sniff.
[6:54pm] Clovette: No
[6:54pm] Fayolah: Ok. :>
[6:55pm] Clovette: Transgender people are the gender that they want to be - sex is not gender.
[6:55pm] Clovette: And even so, lying about sex is not something that we handle.
[6:55pm] Vitae: How you identify yourself is not the same as impersonation
[6:55pm] Fayolah: o
[6:55pm] Fayolah: w00ps
[6:55pm] Pierceton: Thought that I would claify. I'm genderfluid.
[6:55pm] Clovette: Yes, what I mean by impersonation here is directly claiming to be another person
[6:56pm] Clovette: Back on topic, though... we also sometimes come across others claiming to be artists in order to use art, money, and other forms of compensation
[6:56pm] Clovette: Depending on what you are doing, this could also be classified as art theft.
[6:57pm] Clovette: Say... if you have the same username as someoone who is a well-known artist, and say sometihng like "Yes, I am that artist on dA," that would not be considered art theft but only impersonation. That would result in a permanent ban.
[6:58pm] Clovette: But if you claim to be the artist and also create the artwork, it would also be considered theft. Which, in the long run, would not matter because it's impersonation and you would be permanently banned.
[6:59pm] Clovette: While it's not 100% the same thing, stealing art and claiming to have made it is not a permanent ban offense and is considered solely art theft and will be handled that way instead, just for clarification.
[7:00pm] Clovette: There was also a point brought up in the other meeting room regarding fictional characters and claiming to be them
[7:01pm] Clovette: That one's more of a toughie and would be more than likely looked at on a case-by-case level. Of course, cosplaying is not the same thing as claiming to be them, so don't fret about cosplaying. It can be considered theft and impersonation, however, if you claim ot be a fictional character
[7:02pm] Clovette: I had a question from the stream: "Cochise@All: isn't stealing/using another person's character without their permission be art theft (Has had this happen before) Cochise@All: Even if the colors aren't exactly alike (but are too similar to not be a copy due to the possibility of shading getting their colors wrong if they copied it from the pose)"
[7:02pm] Clovette: If it's not exactly the same, it would have to be looked at an opinions gathered. It would only be impersonation, though, if you claimed to be the person who owns the original character.
[7:03pm] Clovette: If it IS the same character, then it is considered art theft and will be handled accordingly. If they do claim to be the original character's owner, then it is a permanent ban impersonation offense.
[7:03pm] Clovette: Does anyone have any questions?
[7:03pm] Kholt: ! question on that
[7:03pm] Clovette: Sure!
[7:04pm] Kholt: If they have permission from the owner of the character but not the creator, to make a twin to it that's still very close in resemblance, what happens
[7:04pm] Clovette: Also, another thing was brought up that I would like to clarify: You are allowed to have the same username as others, or someone in real life, but you may not seriously or jokingly claim to be them.
[7:05pm] Clovette: That would have to be looked at on a case-by-case basis as well. We would likely end up contacting the creator and making sure that it is ok, but if it does not resemble the other character too much, then it's fine.
[7:06pm] Suilen: just entered
[7:06pm] Clovette: I'd like to stay on topic of impersonation though just for a couple more minutes and then we can discuss character related issues if you have anymore <:
[7:06pm] Kholt: yooo
[7:06pm] Kholt: and okay.
[7:06pm] WendigoWolf: ello
[7:06pm] Clovette: HYiya
[7:06pm] Clovette: Anymore questions on impersonation?
[7:06pm] Suilen: hey :) thought I'd see what's up. what're you guys discussing now?
[7:07pm] Vitae: hey sui <3
[7:07pm] Suilen: <3
[7:07pm] Takatia: impersonation
[7:07pm] Clovette: Impersonation, I just got through explaining it. You can see it on the stream in my away message if you want to read it, or you can view the logs later on the forum (:
[7:07pm] Suilen: alrighty :>
[7:08pm] Clovette: No more questions? If not, we will move on
[7:08pm] Karoshi: I have a question/suggestion about a something else
[7:09pm] Takatia: What's your question/suggestion?
[7:09pm] Karoshi: A suggestion I have maybe to bring up to UD is having let's say, 3 pose uploaders so there's more than 1 person reviewing poses? Instead of one lone person usually sifting through a bunch which is very time consuming
[7:09pm] Jethro: yes pls
[7:10pm] Kholt: Wouldn't it be more confusing to those who review a pose at the same time
[7:10pm] Vitae: two really good points
[7:10pm] Clovette: I think they mean to separate the poses into different uploaders
[7:10pm] Karoshi: well a thought was that when a person uploads a pose it would be randomly inserted into one of the 3 uploaders
[7:11pm] Kholt: the adm panel would be huge ?
[7:11pm] Mimmo: just entered
[7:11pm] WendigoWolf: ello
[7:11pm] Takatia: I can see pros and cons to that
[7:11pm] Karoshi: it can be a sub page in pose uploader
[7:11pm] Mimmo: Hiya
[7:11pm] Takatia: Part of the issue would be that if we had multiple pose uploaders, we may spend more time in others, and miss some poses or valuable discussion time
[7:12pm] Takatia: But, a pro would be, potentially, a better turn around time.
[7:12pm] Clovette: I agree with Takatia
[7:12pm] Kholt: could probably map it out visually. It'd be neat to have a notification at the top that possibly highlights poses with comments for review
[7:12pm] Clovette: Also, there's the fact that not many of us stay in the uploader for that long anyway
[7:12pm] Clovette: It would only be a little bit before someone else could jump in
[7:13pm] Takatia: We tend to communicate when someone is in the uploader though
[7:13pm] Takatia: "Oh, I'm stepping out in 10 minutes, you can jump in after me"
[7:14pm] Takatia: It is a really great suggestion though
[7:14pm] Takatia: And it brings up some points about how we can be more efficient
[7:14pm] Clovette: Yeah, I like it. I haven't heard it before.
[7:15pm] Takatia: The problem would be trying to account for the drawbacks to it
[7:15pm] Takatia: And how that would impact our discussions, because it would. We comment directly below poses
[7:15pm] Takatia: And if we have multiple pose uploaders, it is going to be hard to have the time to sift though and wait for other people, look for those discussions. It would be convenient if they were all in the same area
[7:17pm] Kholt: if a pose had commentary on it, does it stay in the same place in line or is it shot to the top
[7:17pm] Takatia: It's moved to the back
[7:17pm] Takatia: So all poses with comments consolidate together
[7:17pm] Karoshi: hmm even with the uploader now itd be neat to have a separate section for just poses in question
[7:17pm] Takatia: They will only be in the front if all other poses are dealt with
[7:18pm] Clovette: That would be nice
[7:18pm] Jethro: what if it were something like 2 pose uploaders, but but poses being discussed get moved to a third area. that way more poses get looked at while the few are still able to be discussed? or something along those lines.
[7:18pm] Clovette: Have a place for poses with comments
[7:18pm] Pierceton: What would be a reason to discuss a pose?
[7:18pm] Takatia: I wouldn't mind a second uploader for discussions and for ART members in training to find poses they are working on
[7:18pm] Jethro: minus a but. idk why i typed it twice.
[7:18pm] Takatia: But, I think having three is too many.
[7:18pm] Clovette: There's also the fact that we are pretty consistent with turnaround times when it comes to reviewing poses and the amount of work that would have to be done for this change
[7:18pm] Takatia: To see if it fits the standards, Pierceton
[7:19pm] Clovette: If Wolfhome were, say, double the size it is, it might be worth it
[7:19pm] Pierceton: Ah.
[7:19pm] Jethro: but it wouldn't be just for WH. what if it helps out a few of the other chats?
[7:19pm] Kholt: i'd be scared if we had over 200 users on
[7:19pm] Takatia: We hand standards involving multiple aspects of poses, anywhere from quality to size
[7:19pm] Takatia: And sometimes a pose will border on whether or not it is acceptable
[7:19pm] Clovette: There are also people in training who train using that part of the uploader
[7:21pm] Pierceton: just left
[7:21pm] Sitara: I'd like to bring something back up about privite rooms when this topic is done.
[7:22pm] Anarch: just entered
[7:22pm] TheDragonRealm: <3
[7:22pm] Anarch: <33
[7:22pm] Takatia: Welcome
[7:22pm] Takatia: Is there anything else anyone wanted to bring up on this topic?
[7:22pm] Vitae: If it's for all chatlands to benefit, it'd be best to suggest it directly to UD, since this would be a big role he would play anyways, and would need his approval overall I believe.
[7:25pm] Takatia: Sitara, what did you want to bring up?
[7:25pm] Sitara: viewtopic.php?f=96&t=49992" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; This, because I'm tired of passwords
[7:26pm] Clovette: Oh my that is old
[7:26pm] Clovette: We actulaly have a rule against others opening others' rooms now
[7:26pm] Vitae: We have a - what clovette said
[7:26pm] Clovette: We deem it as a form of theft
[7:27pm] Sitara: Like only room alphas even?
[7:27pm] Takatia: From here: http://wolfhome.com/faq/rules.php?pop=" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[7:27pm] Takatia: Opening or entering another person's private room on Wolfhome, without their knowledge and without their consent, is not acceptable. Using another's personal room without permission will be considered a form of theft, and said user can be removed from the room and given an official warning. If this occurs, the room owner will need to report it to..
[7:27pm] Takatia: ... the Wolfhome Administration directly so it can be handled.
[7:28pm] Anarch: just left
[7:28pm] Sitara: Interesting, thank you
[7:28pm] Clovette: Any rules outside of that will most likely have to be established and enforced by the room owner, but we are always open for suggestions
[7:29pm] Pierceton: just entered
[7:29pm] WendigoWolf: wb
[7:29pm] Takatia: Welcome back :)
[7:29pm] Sitara: Wb
[7:29pm] TheDragonRealm: Weba
[7:29pm] Takatia: Enjoying free sub week :P baha
[7:29pm] Clovette: Did that asnwer your question, Sitara?
[7:29pm] Pierceton: Thank you, and I'm not here long, but how long does this meeting run?
[7:29pm] Pierceton: xD
[7:29pm] Sitara: Yes, thank you
[7:30pm] WendigoWolf: till i chew on the alphas
[7:30pm] Takatia: It should be over by 8 or so. So 30 minutes from now.
[7:30pm] Clovette: We still have like...
[7:30pm] Clovette: five things to cover
[7:30pm] Vitae: Until we cover all the topics we're wanting to go over, plus user questions
[7:30pm] Pierceton: Ah, okay.
[7:30pm] Kholt: gotta go to a halloween party tc~
[7:30pm] WendigoWolf: tc
[7:30pm] Takatia: Have fun!
[7:30pm] TheDragonRealm: Hav efun
[7:30pm] TheDragonRealm: *have
[7:30pm] WendigoWolf: don't eat the zombies
[7:30pm] Sitara: Enjoy ^^
[7:31pm] Pierceton: I'll be heading off to a play, here in a few.
[7:31pm] Kholt: lol
[7:31pm] Kholt: just left
[7:31pm] Takatia: So
[7:31pm] Takatia: our next topic is flat poses
[7:32pm] TheDragonRealm: I have to pick up dinner since we have family in town, I shall return shortly as well ffs sorry guys <3
[7:32pm] WendigoWolf: tc
[7:32pm] Takatia: As some of you might know, we allow flat poses now
[7:32pm] TheDragonRealm: just left
[7:32pm] Takatia: http://wolfhome.com/faq/art_faq.php#Sha ... ghlighting" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[7:32pm] Takatia: And to clarify, we do have some additional rules for these flat poses
[7:33pm] WendigoWolf: oh
[7:33pm] Takatia: Even with flat poses, we do not allow "sticker" outlines, and any pose that is dark (normally black based characters) where the lines become hard to see, or blend in with the design, will be rejected
[7:33pm] Suilen: I've been curious about why it's allowed now? Like, why'd it change?
[7:33pm] WendigoWolf: was wondering about black poses
[7:34pm] Takatia: It was brought up as a discussion
[7:34pm] Takatia: And there was an overwhelming drive for it from the userbase
[7:34pm] Takatia: And after adjusting to being all species
[7:34pm] Takatia: We discussed it, set rules for it, and put it in place
[7:34pm] Takatia: And to answer about black poses
[7:34pm] Suilen: Ah
[7:34pm] Takatia: If it is a "flat black"
[7:34pm] Takatia: We won't be able to see an outline
[7:35pm] Takatia: Flat color poses need outlines in order to be acceptable
[7:35pm] Takatia: Therefore having flat black for the coloration of the pose is seen as "breaking" this outline
[7:35pm] Takatia: And therefore will not be accepted
[7:35pm] WendigoWolf: and a black pose can't have a white outline?
[7:35pm] Takatia: That is correct
[7:35pm] WendigoWolf: okie
[7:36pm] Mimmo: just left
[7:36pm] Takatia: I recommend, for darker colored areas
[7:36pm] Vitae: If a black pose had a white outline, it'd have a "sticker" effect, which we don't allow regardless
[7:36pm] Takatia: To use a dark gray, distinguishable enough from black
[7:36pm] Takatia: It will still have the same effect, and will be within the rules
[7:36pm] WendigoWolf: nod
[7:37pm] Takatia: Does anyone else have any questions or would like to discuss something regarding flat poses?
[7:38pm] Takatia: Also, thank you Vitae for clarifying on the sticker tidbit
[7:38pm] Vitae: No problem~
[7:39pm] Takatia: Alrighty
[7:40pm] Suilen: I'm gonna head off, thanks for answering my question about the flats :) take care
[7:40pm] WendigoWolf: tc
[7:40pm] Takatia: Next topic is about the recent addition of the gender and pronouns tabs on the forum under profile content
[7:40pm] Fayolah: Bye >
[7:40pm] Suilen: just left
[7:40pm] Takatia: Take care!
[7:41pm] Takatia: So, these were additions made due to suggestions made
[7:41pm] Takatia: They've been around for a few months now, but we are hoping you guys find them to be useful
[7:41pm] Pierceton: just left
[7:42pm] Takatia: In terms of profile content in general
[7:42pm] Takatia: We are noticing a lot of people who are forgetting to give proper credit to artists that made artwork in their avatars or signatures on the forum
[7:42pm] Takatia: In addition to artwork in sniffs for the chat
[7:43pm] Takatia: Please remember to add copyrights and to give credit where it is due! And try your best to avoid "respected artist", try to give as much credit to the artist as you can.
[7:43pm] WendigoWolf: hmm i better go check my profile
[7:43pm] Takatia: We do try and remind people with copyrights are forgotten
[7:43pm] Takatia: And if you are unsure of who made artwork, you are more than welcome to ask for help on the forum
[7:44pm] Takatia: If you would like to ask the general population of Wolfhome, you can make a topic here: viewforum.php?f=9" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[7:44pm] Takatia: Or if you are more comfortable and would like to talk to someone on the Art Review Team, or if it is geared more towards an issue of art
[7:45pm] Takatia: You can post asking in this section: viewforum.php?f=7" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[7:45pm] Takatia: We don't want to "get people in trouble", we just want to be sure credit is given when it is due
[7:45pm] Takatia: Credits can be given through profile content (which can be edited through the UCP/User control panel
[7:45pm] Takatia: In the avatar © and signature © sections)
[7:46pm] Takatia: Or you can place the copyrights in your signature directly, either is fine
[7:46pm] Takatia: In terms of giving credit in sniffs, anywhere is fine, so long as it is visible
[7:46pm] Takatia: Any thoughts on that?
[7:48pm] Takatia: The last thing I wanted to bring up are donations
[7:49pm] Takatia: We've had some really generous donations. Sitara (lovely lady sitting next to me) donated the new Haunted Hallows room, in addition to many other rooms she has donated, including Howling Peak and Frozen Grotto
[7:49pm] Takatia: Revira also recently donated a few new desert themed rooms. Desert Reprieve and Morning Dunes
[7:50pm] Takatia: In addition to the new tricolors for the fox set by Saebre, the coyote set by Galagya, and the timber set, which Revira also made
[7:50pm] Takatia: So if you see them around, be sure to thank them!
[7:50pm] WendigoWolf: thanks sitara!
[7:51pm] Takatia: And if you know someone or are personally interested in donating, please feel free to approach an administrator
[7:51pm] Takatia: We are always appreciative of donations
[7:51pm] Takatia: Or even if you have suggestions about what you would like to see donated in the future
[7:51pm] Takatia: Those are also encouraged
[7:52pm] Takatia: The topic of admin applications was also brought up earlier
[7:52pm] Takatia: And for anyone curious, they are still open
[7:52pm] Takatia: And you can find the application here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=154166&p=2591833#p2591833" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[7:53pm] Takatia: And another reminder, for those who entered late
[7:53pm] Takatia: That free week has officially started
[7:53pm] Takatia: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=175932" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
[7:54pm] WendigoWolf: favorite time of year
[7:54pm] Takatia: :D
[7:54pm] Kige: just left
[7:54pm] Takatia: If anyone has anything else they want to add, please feel free to do so
[7:54pm] WendigoWolf: i have something, i believe it's pretty old the last time it was suggested
[7:54pm] Takatia: Any thoughts on what I brought up, suggestions for Wolfhome, or for community meetings in general
[7:54pm] Takatia: Sure, what is it?
[7:55pm] WendigoWolf: more subscription options?
[7:55pm] Takatia: For the subscriptions we have?
[7:55pm] Takatia: Or making more levels?
[7:55pm] WendigoWolf: huge gap between elite and ultimate
[7:55pm] Takatia: nod
[7:55pm] Takatia: It can definitely be brought up
[7:55pm] WendigoWolf: cool
[7:55pm] Takatia: It would be Underdog's decision, at the end of the day
[7:55pm] WendigoWolf: yepper
[7:55pm] Takatia: But you make a great point that there is a huge jump before the subscription levels
[7:55pm] Takatia: between*
[7:56pm] Vitae: before
[7:56pm] WendigoWolf: welp i'm good, nothing else from me
[7:56pm] Takatia: >.> hush Vitae
[7:56pm] Vitae: (:
[7:56pm] Takatia: If you guys want to wrap up with feedback for these community meetings then
[7:56pm] Takatia: We would love to hear what you thought was successful, what could be changed, etc.
[8:00pm] Clovette: ??
[8:00pm] Clovette: >>*
[8:00pm] Fayolah: .v.
[8:01pm] WendigoWolf: just left
[8:01pm] Jethro: I think it went pretty good.
[8:01pm] Vitae: If there's no feedback or suggestions I guess we can wrap it up?
[8:01pm] Sitara: I would love too. I'll do it when I can. I gotta go thank you guys <333
[8:01pm] Sitara: just left
[8:01pm] Nimbus: i think it went pretty well too. not much to change about it
[8:01pm] Clovette:
[8:01pm] Fayolah: Same
[8:01pm] Takatia: Cool!
[8:01pm] Takatia: Well thank you all for coming then
[8:02pm] Fayolah: Mhm
[8:02pm] Clovette: Thanks guys!
[8:02pm] Clovette: This was as good meet.
[8:02pm] Vitae: Yess, thank you for coming! *:
[8:03pm] Fayolah: I'm gonna hop off then. Have a nice day everyone
[8:03pm] Takatia: Take care!
[8:03pm] Fayolah: You too. : D
[8:03pm] Fayolah: just left
[8:05pm] Jethro: just left
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Sat Oct 24, 2015 6:12 pm

Thank you for everyone who attended! All suggestions brought up in the meetings will be discussed, and we hope we clarified on things that may have been previously confusing for some.
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